13 Year Old Too Young for Invisalign?

Our 13 year old was told he has a slight overbite.His teeth are not crowded at this point.We think it is an uncessary expense at this time. How can we be sure?

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Teen Invisalign works for 13 Year Olds

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If you are asking whether 13 is too young to start invisalign, it is not.  If he is a candidate for invisalign treatment, and your doctor says he is, than this is a wonderful way to have straight teeth without later on  going through the metal bracketts and wires  of old fashion braces. Please go to You Tube.  Type in:  The Winner of the Search for Invisalign Teen 2009.  Her name is Sam and she is from Winchester, Mass.  Watch her and listen to her story.  There are many teen testimonials for invisalign online. Check them out.

I do not know whether your doctor is being over zealous in his recommendation for invisalign, so it is hard to  answer wihether it is the proper treatment for an overbite. You mention there is not crowding of the teeth yet, so it sounds as if there will be. It may be an unnecessary expense at this time for you, but your son made need it anyway later on.  Either way , it is the best route for all to go who want straight teeth .

Van Nuys Dentist

If at age of 13 the growing is completed Invisalign is OK

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If at age of 13 the growing is completed (for girls mostly it is, boys are late growers), then any kind of orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign is OK. Most importantly, a 13 year old has to remember to wear Invisalign aligners constantly without "dogs eat my homework" excuses.

Victoria Olshansky, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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