Has Anyone Had a Lower Front Tooth Extraction to Accomodate Invisalign?

I had a consultation for Invisalign and I have the option of a tooth extraction or filing. I have concerns with filing and how it might impact my teeth down the road, but more so because my orthodontist cannot guarantee I wont need additional measure or regular braces to aide with movement. I was leaning more towards extraction because I feel that if I had one of my lower four front teeth between my canines removed, no one would notice it. Is there anyone who had an extraction? Any advice you have for me? Overjet issues?

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Lower incisor extraction is a viable treatment in certain lower crowded situations

There is a specific ratio of the widths of the top teeth to the bottom teeth that is required to allow the proper bite and alignment of the teeth. In certain situations, there are small upper lateral incisors, causing what is known as a Bolton discrepancy. In these cases, these teeth can be built up, lower teeth an be slenderized, or a lower incisor can be removed. The treatment plan depends on the desires of the patients, and the posterior occlusion (way the teeth fit together at the back).

When a lower incisor is removed, the middle of the lower teeth is now in the middle of the three remaining incisors. The left and right sides are still symmetrical.

With extractions and Invisalign, a specific sequence of tooth movement and judicious use of attachments is required in order to achieve the desired result. Tipping the teeth into the extraction space to close it is not desired. We are looking for bodily or translatory space closure. These types of movements are predictably achieved by a number of more experienced Invisalign providers across North America. See a local provider for more information.

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In any orthodontic case, the extraction of lower front tooth will give you some symmetry problem.

In any orthodontic case, the extraction of lower front tooth will give you some symmetry problem. We do not take such a risk.

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