Is 10 units for each side enough for a botox brow lift?

I had 10 units of BOTOX injected into each side a week ago. I feel like it didn't much of a difference (or any at all). Is 10 units the usual amount for a botox brow lift?

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I had 10 units of BOTOX injected into each side a week ago. I feel like it didn't much of a difference (or any at all). Is 10 un

For the Botox brow lift you need up to 40 units, placed by a highly experienced dermatologist in order to weaken the muscle groups responsible for brow depression.

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Botox for a brow lift

To have a "brow lift" from Botox it can take 25 to 50 units injected in the proper places in the forehead and glabella area.  10 units would not be enough.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in Botox for the best results.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Botox Brow lift

There is definitely an art to injecting Botox. I personally use 10 units to do the brow lift. you need to give it the full 10 to 14 days to see if it will work for you. Sometimes it takes to the 14th day to get your results. It does only give it a small lift. You might want to find out if they save the Botox. If it was mixed that day or if they save it for days can make a difference in your result. If you are going to change doctors you should get a map of the injection sites and doses they used. We all start with a set dose and if we don't get the reaction we are expecting we alter it the next time and increase the units we use at the treatment. So we learn about the patient with each treatment. Give it another week to decide if this treatment worked for you.

Esta Kronberg, MD
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Judging amount of Botox to use

Botox dosage is a mix of the science and art of Botox.  Every brow and frown, etc is different.  Nevertheless there are logical starter doses that are reasonable to try.  You should always know the EXACT NUMBER OF UNITS USED IN EACH AREA AND GET WRITTEN STATEMENT.   The if you go to a new doctor you will have an idea of dose etc.  There is some advantage in going to the same doctor because you and he learn.   Hope this helps.  And yes 10 units is a reasonable number to try.  It takes about 14 days for full effect.  My Best,   Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Is 10 units for each side enough for a botox brow lift?

10 units of Botox on each side for a brow lift is usually enough, It might be too early to see your result, I suggest you wait a full 10 days 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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How many units needed for Botox brow lift?

If the only result you were trying to achieve with Botox was to help raise your brows, I actually think that 10 units per side is more than enough.  The placement of the injections can be a factor and it is also possible that you may see more of a difference in the next few days.  Normally, the amount of lift of the brow that can be achieved with Botox is only a few millimeters, so perhaps you were expecting more?

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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