Blurry Vision + PRK

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1 Week Post PRK, Had -2 in Both Eyes, Now Left is 30/70, Right is 20/40, is This Normal?

I m from Lebanon, 30 ys, urology resident,healthy, and I underwent PRK for myopia -2 in both eyes, 6 days ago exactly, 2 days the Dr. removed my... READ MORE

Eyes Going in and out of Focus After PRK Surgery, What is the Problem?

Hi, my cornea is thin so my doctor recommend PRK, I had 5.75 of miopia and a little bit of Astigmatism. It has been 41 days. My vision was awful until... READ MORE

What should I expect from an enhancement PRK surgery? Is it normal to have complete blurry vision two weeks after surgery?

Its been about 10 days since my enhancement and I literally can't read a book in my lap without a struggle. I know I'm in the healing process, but I'm... READ MORE

How long until PRK healing line is better?

I had PRK done 2 weeks ago today. My prescription was 100% astigmatism. Right now, my left eye is great, seeing very clearly out of that eye. The... READ MORE

I have blurry vision after PRK. Is this normal?

The Lasik and the PRK. My vision I was +1.00 in the left eye so the enhancement was to bring he vision in line with the right eye. I know it has only... READ MORE

Can vision reverse after 4 month of PRK?

Hello doctors. I had a PRK surgery 4 monthes ago. And my vision almost 24/24. Before two weeks , i got a problem in my eyes and im taking alcon... READ MORE

Reading on my computer and phone is hard and blurry. Is this normal?

I had my transprk treatment two weeks ago because I had problem reading far things/nearsighted. Today I have both problems cannot read near or far. Is... READ MORE

Had PRK a week ago, eyes ok until I Woke up this morning feeling like there is something in my left eye, like its back to day 3.

Had PRK a week ago and got the bandage contacts taken out 2 days ago. Doctor said eyes are healing fine but still has some small hazing which will... READ MORE

What are the chances that PRK surgery made my eyes worse?

About 16 months ago I had PRK surgery with monovision. While independently, my eyesight seems to be ok, my eyes don't seem to work together. My vision... READ MORE

I never had issues with my eyes hurting. After PRK on 01/28/15, still experiencing experience burning, blurriness and dryness.

From trying to rinse my face with ONLY water, even the slight fingers going over my eyes hurts. I cannot wear any make-up without crying from it... READ MORE

How long will it take for me to see clearly after PRK?

I had PRK done on my right eye July 14, 2016. My eyesight is so blurry after surgery that I regret having it all. Prior to PRK i had Lasik done on... READ MORE

Is recovery time same in both eyes after Trans-PRK?

Hi, I had my PRk done exactly 10 days back. Now vision in left eye is very much improved while that in right eye is till blurr. Is it normal or do i... READ MORE

Will I regain nearsightedness or can it be adjusted?

I had PRK 2 months ago and distance vision is great. My concern is on my close up vision. Anything closer than an arms length is very blurry. My... READ MORE

1 month after PRK over correction and blurry distance view. Any suggestions?

Hi! I'm 36 years old and just passed the 1 month mark on my PRK procedure on April 15. I had left eye -4.75, and right eye -3.50. A month after PRK,... READ MORE

I Had PRK Immediately Following an Incomplete Flap During Lasik.I Am Wondering if I Need an Enhancement Due to an Astigmatism?

I was having Lasik surgery and my doctor stated I had an incomplete flap. He immediately did PRK with MMC. I have an astimatism of sphere +0.25,... READ MORE

Why is my one eye blurry 1 month after PRK laser surgery?

I had the PRK surgery done on July 10th and my vision did get better around week 3 however now at week 5 post surgery my one eye (my dominant one) has... READ MORE

Rubbed my eye after ASLA (PRK) and now my vision is blurry. Have I done permanent damage?

I had ASLA (PKR) surgery 8 days ago and woke up vigorously rubbing my left eye. My left eye is now more blurry than it has been. Have I done permanent... READ MORE

1 Month Post PRK - Eyesight in Right Eye is Blurry

Its been 1 month after PRK surgery my eyesight was -3 in left and -2.25 in right but the problem is my right eye is little blurry but when i put... READ MORE

Cloudy vision 4 1/2 weeks after PRK. Any suggestions?

I went in for LASIK, but the flap was not cut completely on my left eye. The doctor had me use the steroid drops and antibiotics on both eyes. After... READ MORE

PRK still feeling like within "30 days vision correction time", but it's been 2 years same results

After 2 years since procedure same results. I can however see a bird flying high in daylight sky the size of a pixel and see the 3 dimensions of... READ MORE

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