1 Month Post-op + PRK

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Unsatisfactory PRK Results

I had my PRK surgery done last month, my right eye seems to do well and then fluctuate throughout the day, however my left eye feels the same as the... READ MORE

1 month after PRK over correction and blurry distance view. Any suggestions?

Hi! I'm 36 years old and just passed the 1 month mark on my PRK procedure on April 15. I had left eye -4.75, and right eye -3.50. A month after PRK,... READ MORE

inflammation 4 weeks after PRK.

I had PRK a month ago now. I was to do steroid drops 4 times a day for a week, 3 times a day for a week, 2 times a day for week and once a day for a... READ MORE

Poked my eye after 1 month of PRK; what should I do?

I had my PRK surgery 35 days ago,n' my niece accidentally poked my left eye really bad with her finger. I felt pain and redness inside my eye, and I... READ MORE

I struggle to read small print after PRK. What can be done?

About 1 month ago ,I under went prk for my eyes that -5myop.Now I have difficult in reading small things.I see them blured ,and I worry.please help me READ MORE

Why is my one eye blurry 1 month after PRK laser surgery?

I had the PRK surgery done on July 10th and my vision did get better around week 3 however now at week 5 post surgery my one eye (my dominant one) has... READ MORE

5 weeks after PRK, right eye not improved. Should I be worried?

So, I had PRK/AST surgery about 5 weeks ago. My left eye is crystal clear and my right eye is so blurry still. No pain. Dry, yes, more in the right.... READ MORE

When I put eye drops in my eyes I see very very well. Especially in the left eye. What can I make of this?

I recently had prk and crosslinking. Pre surgery uncorrected od was 20/125 os 20/50. Post surgery uncorrected od 20/50 and os 20/150. So my eyes... READ MORE

Usage of FML eye drops after PRK? Will using wrong dosage cause any problems?

I had PTK on 16/8/2016 my doctor prescribed me to use FML eye drops four times per day for a week followed by a 3 times a week,2 times a week and 1... READ MORE

PRK Question?

I recently had my prk done. It’s been 4 weeks now. My prescription was -4.75 and -4.25 on other eye. I’ve noticed I lost my nearsightedness so I can... READ MORE

Vision in eye is by far worse after PRK enhancement than it was before surgery. Is this common?

15 years I go I had lasik and it was successful, but had some regress in one of my eyes. My vision prior to PRK was 20/50 in that eye and reading was... READ MORE

4 weeks after PRK and I still have blurry vision.

I had a PRK done almost 4 weeks go, and i still have blurry vision for both distance and reading. I did not have problem reading i was -2.5 and -2 .... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post PRK and my vision is still very blurry. Is this OK?

I cannot read anything close up or far away. I feel like the vision in my eye is worse than before the surgery. I don't see my doctor again until next... READ MORE

Blurry vision at night after PRK surgery

Hello I did a PRK surgery one month ago and since then my vision during day improved very good for my left and good for my right eye.The problem comes... READ MORE

1 month post PRK, my nearsightedness has not improved. At what point should I be concerned?

Six years ago I had LASIK. My vision regressed to where I wanted to have surgery again and thus the PRK. I am healthy, no issues to speak of. One... READ MORE

Can I smoke marijuana after PRK surgery?

Can i smoke marijuana after PRK surgery in my eyes (30 days ago)? READ MORE

My astigmatism worsened or increased after PRK surgery. I am one month and 1 week post OP. Will this go away?

Im on my one month and 1 week post OP from my prk surgery and I've noticed my Astigmatism rose higher. On my one month post-operative checkup, my... READ MORE

PRK surgery 1 month ago. My eyes are extremely sensitive to light still. Is that normal? If it is normal how long will it last?

I'm 24 and I was about a -6 in both eyes with both eyes having an astigmatism in them.They will like force close sometimes and just water cause they... READ MORE

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