Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

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Power-assisted liposuction uses the same technique as traditional liposuction, with the addition of a vibrating tool that speeds up the breakdown of fat. This allows it to be removed more easily in dense areas like the back and upper abdomen, which may lead to enhanced results and a quicker recovery.

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23 YO No Kids Ab, Flank + Inner Thighs - Lithuania

Everything went incredibly well, great nurses and surgeon and also a good price. I am just worried about the bulge below my belly button and if there was enough fat removed I'm 5'8 and 80 kg - had 300 removed from flanks and 600 from abdomen and about 150 from thighs. Right after the surgery I... READ MORE

32yo, 2 Kids, Abdomen, Flanks, Outer Thighs. Columbus, OH

I have always had issues with my stomach. Even in high school, a size 2, I still had a belly. Now that I'm in my 30s and had kids, it's worse, and the outer thighs came along too. I had a great consultation with Dr Heck and decided on Power Assisted Lipo (PAL). I'm very excited and can't wait to... READ MORE

Lipo of Axillary (Bra Fat) and Upper Arms, NJ

Hi, So I decided that I needed to do this post, #1. because I have spent countless hours reading other peoples reviews in this site to inform my decision to get smart lipo and #2. because I CAN'T FIND ANY REVIEWS ON ANYONE GETTING THE POUCH OF BRA FAT (axillary fat) done. It really surprises me... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Female Abdomen and Flank PAL - Nova Scotia, NS

Wednesday, Jan 21: Yesterday I had surgery - liposuction of my abdomen and flanks to be precise. Power Assisted. Was supposed to be ultrasonic but the machine became unavailable just before my surgery. I like to think maybe it was a fate-type thing for me to not have that type and rather have... READ MORE

31 Year Old Male, Power Assisted Lipo of Chest, Flanks, Abs, Waist - Tacoma, WA

I saw Dr. Potyondy to have Gynecomastia surgery. I decided to undergo liposuction to my abs, flanks, and waste. Along with having liposuction to my chest, I had the area under my armpits liposictioned. I am not even a full 48 hours out of surgery but I am already very happy with the results. ... READ MORE

Lipo nightmare DO NOT do this procedure - Dr. Raul Gongora

I went in the Operating Room for upper back and arm lipo, basically where the fat is connected to the back of the arm on Aug 24 with Raul Gongora located in Av. Sonora 4411-6 Fracc. Chapultepech Tijuana, B.C. Mexico... thinking I would look better. Everything felt rushed, I remember just telling... READ MORE

30 Yr Old Athletic Male's Lipo Experience from May 30 2013 - Palm Desert, CA

I just had my lipo done today, so right now when I say it was worth it, it's based on my (limited) experience up to now. I'm a 30 year old male, who's very active. I love to run, work out, and I just finished a half-marathon last weekend. I'm also in the military and THAT is a very active... READ MORE

Excited, Worried.. Sharing my Story

Hi Guys, since Realself and all your reviews helped me in my decision to get lipo on my abdomen, I want to share my story too and hopefully help someone making the right decision. First of all, please excuse my English, this is not my native language :) Ok, so I am 25 years old, 5,5... READ MORE

Been There Done That! - Belgium, BE

I am 34 yo female with 1 child of 4 and a half. After my pregnancy i was left with bits and pieces i was none too happy about. I don't eat much and i do exercise 2 times a week. So after reading for some months about the lipo i have finally went and did it. It was PAL lipo under a local... READ MORE

Tumescent Power Assisted Liposuction of the Abdomen, Flanks and Inner Thigh - Sugarland, TX

I decided to get liposuction after successfully losing 50 lbs last summer, then inadvertently gaining it all back. The initial weight loss seemed so easy, it took no effort. However after I gained it all back, no amount of eating healthy, or working out would get the pounds back off. All of my... READ MORE

I Am Happy & Nervous All at Once..lol - Sugar Land, TX

I have had these love handles since I was 9. I have always been at a healthy wheight running track & cheerleading in Hish school. I gained 90 lbs with my 1st child & recently had another in march 2012 who did not survive. None the less I was in an unhelathy shape. All of my fat continues... READ MORE

NYC Liposuction by PAL of Abs and Flanks - Mount Sinai, NY

I recently had PAL liposuction on my love handles and abdomen. I was working out at the gym and it just didn’t seem to be enough to give me the results I wanted. I am a 35 yr old male. I had research a lot before hand and decided to go with PAL, mostly because I found a great doctor that took t... READ MORE

Happy So Far - Dallas, TX

Power Assisted Lipo (tickle lipo) on Flanks on 9/29/2011 First off, I wasn't really interested in lipo. I thought I looked fine. I work out a lot. This means that i've done an ironman, several half ironmans, over 100 multi-sport races, done really well and accumulated many awards.... READ MORE

PAL and Smart Lipo

Hello All… I thought I would share with everyone my experience so far with PAL and Smart Lipo. Today is my day two. Let me inform you that I am 5’4 and 170lb athletic build, 28 years old, and never had kids. I will start with my day one… My day one started out with me... READ MORE

Power Assisted Liposuction of Back After Tummy Tuck - Tyler, TX

I had my tummy tuck on August 20, 2010...about 5months ago and I am going to get lipo of my back on Feb 11. I'm super happy with the way my tt turned out, I just wanna get rid of the love handle fat I have hanging around the back. Luckily, I don't have a lot and the doctor can do it in... READ MORE

Power Assisted Lipo...aka PAL So Far So Good - South Bend, IN

I have added some more pictures at 12 weeks post-op.  I still seek improvement in my figure and will continue putting in my time in the gym.  Whether you choose traditional liposuction with PAL, Vaser, or Smart Lipo, make sure you are choosing a qualified physician.  I am very... READ MORE


I had liposuction of the abdomen and flanks on March 19, 2009. I was one of the patients where it could go either way, but it was suggested that I have a TT. Being that I wasn't sure as to whether or not I would have more children I opted to go on with the decision to have liposuction despite... READ MORE

Powerx Lipo Flanks Upper Lower Abs Inner Outer Thigh - Dallas, TX

Ok I am getting my medical clearance done and will be headed to Dallas on the 21st I emailed Cosmeticgyn team and asked what all do I need to have before I come. They referred me to my packet I received when I went in for consultation. Packet is large but Normal I have had my nose and breast... READ MORE

DONT DO IT!!!! 40 Yrs Old No Kids, Lipo on Abdomen, Back Flanks, Inner and Outer Thighs - Ontario, CA

About a month post lipo. $10000 and I still have a muffin top over my jeans and cellulite. There is an improvement to my overall proportions but lipo is definitely not a fix-all solution. I head read many reviews warning about this and that there can still be fat and weight gain, not too expect... READ MORE

50 Years Old, 1 Child

I have to say I was a nervous reck, but Dr.Farias made me feel so comfortable, so attentive to my needs or any pain I may have experienced. Very little at that. I wanted this or so long, heard about sonobello and I am excited to say I made the right and safest choice with laser-lipo. Thank you... READ MORE

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