Shade + Porcelain Veneers

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Can a Veneer Be Darkened?

I've just had a veneer put on a tooth at the front and it looks awful. The shade is about 4 shades lighter than my actual teeth, It looks completely... READ MORE

How Do I Get my Cosmetic Dentist to Give Me the Very Whitest Shade for my Porcelain Crowns?

How Do I Get my Cosmetic Dentist to Give Me the Very Whitest Shade for my Porcelain Crowns? What is the Very Whitest Shade That I can get? READ MORE

Why are my veneers turning out the wrong shade/color? (photos)

Had veneers done around '95 but gums receded which created gap, forcing me to redo them. (photo1). I selected BL2 to go whiter. After work was done... READ MORE

is this shade bl4? Because it sure appears much darker! Help! Final cementing is Thursday the 23rd of April. (photo)

I decided on shade bl3 and this is the color of my veneers. They aren't cemented yet and I think they're much darker than the shade I selected. READ MORE

My dentist gave me two different veneer shades when I picked one shade for them all, what can I do? (photo)

I paid $21,500 for 16 veneers. This is my fourth time getting veneers. I told the dentist and ceramist to make my teeth mold the same. My teeth came... READ MORE

What can I do about my incompetent dentist? Wrong colour veneers and chipped! (Photo)

I had my teeth whitened but as I had composite bonding on my teeth I had to wait until they were fully white to get it replaced. As an actress, I... READ MORE

BL2 or BL3 shade veneers/crown.

I'm having a mix of porcelain/zirconium veneers/crowns done very shortly and wanted a steer on what shade. I am looking at BL2 or BL3 but each looks... READ MORE

Is this how veneers typically turn out? (photos)

I recently chipped my tooth and they told me a veener would be my best option, I hate the way it looks! Is this how they typically turn out? I feel... READ MORE

Can cement placed under veneers change the final shade? What are my options for change at this point?

I recently had two veneers placed on my top front teeth, and now my teeth look like two chiclets placed amongst the others. The shade is completely... READ MORE

Can you adjust the shade of veneers at cementation?

I am getting my 6 front veneers redone because they were too white and opaque. I am wearing A2 shade temps and although a tiny bit darker, they blend... READ MORE

Shade and advice on veneers?

Hey, my dentist identified my teeth shade as being an A3.5 shade. I am considering veneers, what shading would you recommend? Also considering it... READ MORE

About the veneers depressed that it might affect me in future, appointment after 2 days and can't decide on the shade.

Today was my second appointment for the veneers, to remove the temp, i wasn't satisfied of the shape and the color, the doc advised of bleached 020... READ MORE

What is the most popular shade of dental veneers (the whitest) that patients want for Hollywood smile ?

I want to know what is the degree of whitening that i can get with veneers? Example; if the shade of my teeth is 2M2, what shade (the whitest shade)... READ MORE

Is it normal for them to have my temporary veneers look exactly like my normal teeth? (Photos)

I'm in the process of getting veneers. I just had my first appointment to have my temporaries placed. Is it normal for them to have my temporarys look... READ MORE

What shade do you consider "natural" looking for someone with a slight olive complexion, not fair skinned?

I understand the bleach category shade guide starting at BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4. That being said these are obviously very white teeth in my opinion. My... READ MORE

How many shades of white can veneers restore to discolored teeth?

Today I consulted with a cosmetic dentist because my teeth are moderately discolored from years of drinking beverages such as coffee. To my surprise,... READ MORE

Does this look like B1 veneer shade? (photos)

My dentist gave me "supposedly" B1 veneers but these do not look like that at all. They are way to yellow. Since I have asked for a remake of BL4. I... READ MORE

I had six lower veneers. A seventh was done about three weeks later. Why are they different shades?

The six look grey,the one done later looks the colour it should. Why is this how do they fix thesix. READ MORE

Porcelain veneers - Confusion with choosing a shade as the doc says not to go by the vita chart? Then what should I expect?

I told my dentist that I want atleast B1 tooth shade(doing front 4 crowns). So he tells me "the shade vita chart is not for clients but for us doctors... READ MORE

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