Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are deep, vertical lines that appear at the corners of the mouth as we age. Depending on a person’s facial structure and anatomy, they may never appear, and may be more or less visible on others. Marionette lines are usually formed when the fat in the cheeks loses its volume and becomes saggy with advancing age. There are a number of treatment options to correct these lines, including injectable fillers and Botox.

Reviews from the Community

Great Results, but It Doesn't Last Long - Denver, CO

I'm in my late 30's and have done four rounds of Radiesse in the last year and a half.
The results are spectacular: instant cheekbones, less pronounced marionette lines and an overall more READ MORE

Dr. K Gets Great Results with Just a Touch!

Wanted to plump up my marionette lines and mouth. Dr. K recommeded a small amount in the cheeks and jowls (all part of the single injection purchase) which has made a huge difference.


Juvderm - Marionette Line and Nasolabial Folds-Seal Beach, CA

he injected on temple area (radiesse), nasolabial folds (juvederm), marionette lines (juvederm), lil bit of chin (juvederm) and lil bit of cheek area (radiesse),

he injected one syringe... of juvederm and One syringe of radiesse total,

after the injection, my temple is much fuller, nasolabial folds is softer and marionette lines are pretty much gone :)

let me tell READ MORE

Natural looking and smooth, very happy - Nashville

Had Juvederm in my nasolabial folds and marionette lines, 1st time was 8 months ago, then had a little touch up...ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!


59 Yrs Old, No Children, Single, Botox Between Eyebrow and for Crows Feet Around Eyes. - San Antonio, TX

Botox for the forehead and the neck. I will also being getting a filler for my marionette lines on each side of the mouth. READ MORE

Fill In Marionette Lines

I have marionette lines that seems to deepen with age. Recent photos did not look very good. It bothered me.

I have a special occasion coming up. I decided to give it a shot. I think she overfilled the area.


Saggy Face! - Texas, TX

My forehead was wrinkling, the lines around my mouth, and marionette lines were deep and ugly! Eyes had bags under them. Deep creases between my eyes. Lips getting those tiny lines. Had Botox... for forehead, and squinty lines from my eyes. Juvederm for cheeks (small) to help baggy eyes. 2 deep creases in forehead between eyes. Lines around my mouth, and marionette lines were injected. Juverderm around lips to smooth those tiny lines radiating from lips. READ MORE

Very Satisfied - The results were very natural looking - Dallas, TX

Juvederm fillers in marionette lines, naso-labial folds, above upper lip and earlobes. The results were very natural looking and I don't dribble my coffee now! The swelling was down within 5 days READ MORE

68 Years Old with Many Years in the Sun. - Paramus, NJ

This was my 2nd Juvederm treatment to minimize marionette lines around my mouth area and lift the general area. I am very please with the noticable results and have seen wrinkles and folds reduce or READ MORE

I Love Juvederm! - nasolabial folds, marionette lines and into the 11's - Duluth, MN

I just today had 2 vials injected into my nasolabial folds, my marionette lines and into the 11's between my eyebrows.


I'm a Guy Turning 50 in a Few Days and Look 35 - Pensacola, FL

I recently had a combo of Juvederm and Juvederm XC used on my eyes, cheeks, around frown lines at mouth and marionette lines....with incredible results. Comments from friends included 'you look READ MORE

Redness Still a Problem - Staten Island, NY

Yes, it was relatively painless, marionette lines gone. yet instead of everyone seeing my marionette lines they can now stare at the redness which is till there on both sides after 4 weeks,. I was READ MORE

Like a Magic Eraser! - Everett, WA

I had deep lines and troughs in the nasal labio folds and also deep marionette lines, as well as "smoker's (former) lines above the lip. Also deep frown lines between the eyebrows. 5 READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift, Duncan, Age 74 - Tampa, FL

I was mainly interested in firming my neck, and this was successful. Secondarily, I was interested in ridding myself of marionette lines and nasolabial folds. These lines did not go away, but I am told my face is tighter. I did Lifestyle Lift out of vanity.


Not Sure I Didn't Just Waste $575 - Washington, DC

Just had my first injections in my marionette lines, he used one syringe, I am 50. I honestly can only see a very tiny difference, and it HURT. I am disappointed, for $575.


Large Hard Bumps and Bluish Marionette Lines, Applied by Qualified Dermatologist - Canada

I had restlylane injections about three months ago and in the last month large hard bumps appeared in lower marionette lines. I have been back to doctor twice and he injected them, but the bumps are still there. Any suggestions.


Definately Worthwhile - Stamford, CT

I was a bit nervous at first since I read some negative reviews but my experience was great. I did bruise for a couple of weeks but no pain or bumps. I had my marionette lines done and I love the results. Will definately do it again and possibly other areas of my face.


The Marionette Lines Are Long Gone

I had this done on marionette lines and love it. It's been almost 2 yrs and its stayed with me. I hate seeing deep lines on any persons face. it gives you that smokers look or aged appearance


Nasolabial & Marionette- Too Expensive for Minimal & Short-lived Results

44 yr old female:  I had one syring divided up between nasolabial folds and marionette lines.  Results lasted three days on the nasolabial and no results on the marionette lines. ...; Returned for more filler (one full syringe) concentrating only on the marionette lines and I had one syringe of botox to lift marionette lines and to lift jowl area.