Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark under eye circles are a common skin problem that can affect all ages. The most common causes are hereditary, lifestyle choices, and in some cases, extreme fatigue. Mild shadows under the eyes may be treated with some regular, rested sleep or some effective home remedies; however, for the most stubborn circles, there are cosmetic treatments available like skin resurfacing, injections and others.

Reviews from the Community

So was not worth it - Under Eye Filler - New York, NY

feel the whole filler is moving south and I still have bags under my eyes and dark circles. Plus I see ridges under my skin. It's uneven. I'm afraid to have it dissolved unless it looks like total... to a reputable doctor to fill in mild under eye bags. Received radiesse in the cheek area and restylane under eyes and in tear trough. Had a moderate swelling and bruising for about 5-6 days and when...Not sure what to think. Went to fill in the tear trough ares and slight bags under my eyes after Botox injection in the crow feet area. Right after procedure it looked good although somewhat bruised... down after another week or two but I'm starting to think this is it. I have a visible bump in the inner corner of my right eye from day one. Can it be massaged out? Before the whole thing settles? I... swelling went down my under eye bags reappeared... Both in the trough area and under eye... I think the filler started to move south. Since it takes few weeks for fillers to settle down I was just READ MORE

Bags and Wrinkes 3 1/2 Weeks - Delaware

I had upper eye blepharoplasty and a lower eye pinch. I also had erbium pixel laser. My eyes have bags under them and I feel very embarassed. Also directly under eyes there are increased wrinkles. Also the whites of my eyes are dark, is this normal? Do you know how long these bags will last?


Rhinoplasty, Upper and Lower Bleph W/tear Trough Implants, Surgisil Perma Lip Implants. - Austin, TX

stubborn bruising and dark circles under eyes and inside upper lip. I will try this weekend to duplicate pictures my daughter took the night before surgery in the kitchen with no makeup on again. I will... using Bruistick under eyes and drinking pineapple juice, I think today or tomorrow will be the worst of it. I took gauze off from under nose at Dr visit yesterday and haven't had any more draining. Going... bags and creases or hollows. With everything still so swollen from multiple tramas it will take a little longer than if I had only done one of the 4 surgeries like most people I've seen on here. But...- artificial tears ointment 3X daily with Bruistick under eyes
LIPS- hydrogen peroxide on stitches after eating and aquiphor lip repair to keep constantly moist.
Back to dr Monday for some stitches...!!! Will try later to upload pics from this morning. Lips more bruising eyes a little less and cheek hollows some bruising. got stitches out of eye and under nose yesterday day 5. Wed day 7 I go back to dr READ MORE

Dark Under Eyes

greek decent and since the surgery I am very dark under eyes still.

how long does it take for the dark circles under eyes to subside? READ MORE

Perfector - Arasys in Beirut Lebanon

I tried Perfector Arasys for first time skin rejuvenation. I am 36 years old and have young skin, but due to too much sun exposure i have little brown spots & some slight dark circles under... eyes due to hyperpigmentation. Well, i did not see any change in these despite the fact that Perfector state that they erase these! and i did a whole 12 sessions. Also no tightening effect or thickening... brightening of face but you can get the same thing using a Vitamin C cream or serum like the Obagi C serum i use. Such a waste of money...Really dissapointed :(


Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty

I am quite sad with the outcome of the above procedures that I had and paid 7000 US dollars for lower lid blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing under eyes and lower lid PRP injections.
I asked my... injections and my face and eye lids were swollen for about 10 days. My skin is very wrinkly and lose with dark circles since the the swelling has gone, and I look older and more tired than before. bags lower down, but too much fat was removed further up and I have a very hollow look now and the bags lower down are still there and even more prominent than before. I had PRP READ MORE

Restylane Nigtmare! - New York

restylane under my eyes to try and lessen the hollowness and the appearance of dark circles. My forehead came out amazing. He did it so it looked so natural and it didn’t cause any swelling or... bruising. Restylane for my under eyes, on the other hand, is a different story. During the injection, I did swell up and bruise quite a bit. But, I was expecting that, so I was ok. However, when the... the appearance of the dark circles under my eyes. Now it looks worse! I’ve been reading on line that although the lumps will dissolve over time, the bluish tint may be permanent! I’m so angry and...

I wish I didn't get restylane. It ruined my face! I was never warned about the side-effects and never knew that these lumps or bluish tint can take years to completely go away... or never! I'm READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes: Bruising or Discoloration?

diffused darkness throughout my under eye. I have never had any dark circles, just the illusion of them because of the shadow created by the hollows prior to the restylane injection. I have made a... cheeks and under eyes (nothing grotesque). The swelling gradually decreased and I LOVE my new cheeks. But I am having some issues with my undereyes. I didn't notice much if any bruising under my eyes...

Two weeks ago I had Restylane placed under my eyes to fill eye hollows that I have had since I can remember. I am 25 and I felt like they had been getting worse as the baby fat left my face. I READ MORE

Amazed at How Natural Restylane Looks in my Once Hollow Tear Troughs.....

being depressed over my super dark circles and tear trough hollows, I finally took the plunge with granulomas, under eye bags, prolonged swelling and blood pockets after under eye or so hours. Dr. H asked that I not mold the filler around READ MORE

Tortured by Tear Troughs No More! - New York, NY

all my makeup, lightly massaged my under eyes and then put ice under my eyes as I watched TV. When I took all of my makeup off I still had dark circles, but far less dark and scary than normal. But like...

Preface: I am a 22 years old female, non smoker, don't drink or do drugs, am healthy and in great shape.

My whole life I've had somewhat dark circles, but they never... tear trough deformity. We talked for about 10 minutes about everything- my basic concerns, my wish to reduce the hollowness of my under eyes but not as to make me look plastic or like somebody else... to immense physical scrutiny on my part); the mania that follows depriving your body of nutrients led my mind to become absolutely obsessive about certain body parts, specifically my under eyes which... had lost much volume due to the weight drop. Looking back now at baby pictures I can see that I always had slight dark circles under my eye and what some may harshly call 'tear trough deformity' but it READ MORE

28 Year Old Male, Had Bad Dark Circles/bags Under Eyes - FIXED - Concord, MA

.' And most importantly, I notice a tremendous difference. The bags and dark circles are gone and it looks completely natural. I don't even think about my under-eyes anymore. It's an amazing feeling...Since I was young I bad genetic dark circles and bags under my eyes that were the bane of my existence. It was getting worse over time and I knew what was coming by looking at my relatives. After.... This was the best money I have ever spent and would recommend it to anyone with the same problem that I had and only with Dr. Seckel. The earlier the better too. What's also great, is that I don't have to worry about the bags forming over time, due to the arcus release. READ MORE

Exceptional Doctor - West Orange, NJ

Doctor Joseph and his staff are always so friendly, they make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Today I had Silikon 1000 in under eyes and cheeks and instantly the hollows READ MORE

Juvederm for Tear Troughs NEVER EVER DO IT! - Melbourne, Australia

about Juvederm and get bags under eyes and looking worse, or lips that look like pillows. Do you want to spend your hard earned cash on making greedy doctors even richer ?. Change your diet, exercise... it done in Windsor by a plastic surgeon, he injected too superficially, it should have been injected DEEPLY, right down to the bone, the result: dark circles and prominent bags. IT does not go away...

NEVER, ever have any filler to your under eye area, this area is very delicate and very unforgiving, you will end up with big bags under your eyes which will make you look decades older !. I had..., massaging the area will not get rid of the bags.

If you have it done, demand the plastic surgeon to inject you with Hyalaronidase, an enzyme which dissolves the filler. Don't fool for a READ MORE

Upper Eye Bleph for Saggy Skin - Conroe, TX

eye. I have a tiny bit of restyline injected every 9 months to fill that out. A small price to pay for no hollows, dark circles or shadows! 4 week photo of upper eyes and restyline under eyes. Fully healed, I think!' READ MORE

Juverderm Under Eyes - San Diego, CA

I had Juverderm injections under eyes 6 days ago. The result for me is SUBTLE. I hardly can tell the difference. The Dr. must have used a little over half the syringe. I only bruised a little... realize that my eyes are not that bad yet. I'm 39, almost 40 in 2 mos. I'm starting to feel I need the treatment.

I had a big line under each eye, dark circles, sunken eyes from loss of... fat combined with puffiness. I still see it after injection. So I'm not sure if it was worth the $ at this time for me. Perhaps I needed a little more Juvederm or it depends on the Dr.'s READ MORE

BLEPHAROPLASTY on Both Upper Lids at Age 61 - Los Angeles, CA

about how to minimize my lower eye dark circles and bags without having to resort to surgery straight away.

on the day of the surgery, in a dedicated operation room at his offices at ucla, i... under my eyes, because now that the upper lids are more bright and youthful looking, the under eyes don't appear as bad as before the operation (as dr goldberg said might be the case).

as... with it, will i do something about me under eyes, and if so, when and what? i feel like i'm going round in circles.

i've found that if i stop looking and checking every day, i stop... under eyes.

don't know, don't know. will come back to this in late august - the filler procedure is scheduled for sept.

take care all,
x... to nose with me and i closed my eyes. and that's without eye make-up, which i only wear in the evenings.

i am returning to dr goldberg for juvederm filler to perk up my tired looking bags READ MORE

Dark Circles Under Eyes, and Eyelid Surgery - Denver, CO

just genetics and shadows! But, with an eyelid lift, endoscopic forehead lift, fat transfer and laser....DARK CIRCLES under eyes are GONE!!! My eyes are opened up,skin is smooth and look rested and...Soooo...PLEASED with my surgery done by Dr. Christine Rodgers. Am in my 60's with sunken eye sockets and very dark circles. Another surgeon said there was nothing that could be done for that..it was READ MORE

Excellent Blepharoplasty - Delray Beach, FL

Heavy Upper Eyelids and Big Bags Under Eyes. Performed upper and lower blepharoplasty on me 2 months ago. The results are amazing. People say I look so much younger but that can't figure out why.


Juvaderm a Waste of Money

No pros for Juvederm i have more wrinkles,am bruised, swollen, white bumps and have pigmentation I did it to reduce hollows under eyes worst experience

I had Juvaderm 6 weeks ago and have READ MORE

Restylane Done Under Eyes Worth It!

Had it done over a month ago under eyes. I'm 44 and I take after my father's side of the family with the extremely tired looking eyes. I called them my bags but hollows probably described as... well.

People asked me if I wasn't sleeping or if I was ill or had allergies all the time. Tried every home remedy for years (ice and green tea bags, allergy pills, creams including prep H. The READ MORE