Areola Reduction

Areola reduction is a cosmetic procedure in which you alter the shape and size of your areola – the brown or pink area surrounding your nipple. Patients also claim that an areola reduction surgery can tighten and beautify the current shape of the breasts. The surgery is supposed to be quick and the recovery time is also very fast.

Reviews from the Community

Breast Revision Surgery and Lift After 12 Years with Saline - Beverly Hills, CA

were filled to 320cc and replaced with 492cc moderate profile Natrelle (by Allergan) silicone implants. He performed a capsulectomy and capsulorrhaphy, revision of the beneli lift and areola reduction. READ MORE

Knots in Breasts After Getting Implants Under the Muscle

I recently got breast implants. I was a small A and wanted to be a small C. I went under the muscle and had an areola reduction.

I am 12 days post op and I am feeling much better. I feel a small knot under nipple on left breast. Is this normal or could I be getting capsular contractures??


Made the Right Decision - Roseville, MI

point of being completely uncomfortable being naked in front of my husband. I decided upon an areola reduction with slight lift (circumareolar lift) without implants and I couldn't be happier with my decision, I can't wait until I'm finished healing! Adding before pictures soon! READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: Bad Decision - Wellesley, MA


He failed to give me areola reduction that is always needed for a tuberous correction. He also created an oversized pocket that makes me look saggy. He was not very comforting and acted like he READ MORE

One Boob is Bigger Than the Other, Also Reduction on One Areola to Make Same Size As Other - Apollo Beach, FL

anything about it before, he said i had perfect boobs before. i just want to get an areola reduction is it worth it?


32 yo, 5'8", 145lbs, no kids, 375cc dual plane anatomics

I had my first appointment with my surgeon, Dr Miroshnik, a few weeks ago, and we have decided on 375cc, anatomic, dual plane implants. I need a tuberous breast correction and areola reduction as READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Areola Reduction - Tijuana, Mexico

I have tubular breasts. I'm a 22 year old female with no children. I'm getting married in November. The price includes a breast augmentation and areola reduction.


35 Year Old, Mom of 4, 304cc Gel

time to share their stories, you've helped me immensely! ?? A little about myself. I got 304cc Allergan Natrelle style 15's with an areola reduction. After breastfeeding 4 babies, my breasts looked a... Tylenol feels today. On a positive note, I love how the areola reduction is looking! Will post more pix when I get up:) Swollen not Stolen;) Yesterday I was worried I made a mistake and went too big, but.... Don't want to have another surgery right away:) Had my post op appt. yesterday. Dr. Was Very happy with how they are turning out and how good the areola reduction looks:) I plan on going to... support for day wear? Bob's are continuing to heal up great, except that oh my goodness, my miles are so sensitive! This started about 5 days ago. Not sure if my nerves are reconnecting from the areola... reduction, but is uncomfortable:) I used an online bra size calculator and am shocked by the results. 28 f, or 30ddd. eeeek. Feeling really good! Still feel Boob's are a bit big, but what can you do READ MORE

New Beginnings...5'-4", 150 lbs., 565 CC Sientra Silicone, under the muscle - La Mesa, CA

Dr. Pousti was only the second consultation I had...ever. I had been wanting breast augmentation for over 15 years. I knew he'd be the one to go with even before meeting him. I had constricted (tuberous) breasts and Googled 'san diego plastic surgeons constricted breasts'. Dr. Pousti was the only one who popped up, really. It seemed like he knew what he was doing by the looks of his website. hA.

It wasn't until years after I had initially searched on the internet for him that I finally made an appointment for a consultation in Dec of 2014. The first available consult was for Jan 6. I met Dr. Pousti Jan. 6 and was signed up by the end of the visit with surgery scheduled for Jan 20. I had to rest for about a week before classes began so everything was an open and shut case for me as far as scheduling.

It went splendidly and I made the best choice for my Self. I'm very happy with my results. I wanted them to look natural and fit my frame. I didn't go in with a specific size in mind. I made sure to bring a variety of goal pics and basically gave Dr. Pousti the creative freedom to do as he saw fit.

I had a breast lift (due to the constriction) and augmentation with areola reduction, silicone 565 CC L & R. Periaerolar.


25 Y/o with Scheduled Breast Augmentation After 2 Kids. Thailand, TH

what I had sent in, I was consulted for the Breast Augmentation as well as a Breast Lift and Areola Reduction. I was taken aback at first and a bit upset because I did not realize/feel that i needed the... other two portions. I have been giving it much thought and research and I feel that I will 100% go with the Breast Augmentation and Areola Reduction. The lift I will wait to see what Dr. K thinks in... process is definitely nerve wracking! I will post photos and future updates and the time draws closer and for post op as well. If anyone has had a breast augmentation/lift in Thailand, or even just an areola reduction, please let me know what your thoughts are! READ MORE

10 Year Birth Defect Finally Fixed - Sydney, AU

, RIGHT breast reduction, RIGHT mole on breast removal, RIGHT areola reduction, LEFT breast implant 480cc over muscle & LEFT breast mini lift. My left areola is larger then my right areola now being READ MORE

29 Year Old, Mom of 2 Boys! Getting Lift & Implants!!!! - Keller, TX

I am so excited to have surgery in less than 2 weeks. I'm hoping to go from a 32A to a D. I chose 400cc silicone HP. I'm having a lollipop lift, areola reduction & silicone implants. I chose Dr READ MORE

Breast Implants/breast Lift/areola Reduction - Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Grover did an awesome job! I had silicone breast implants 420cc, areola reduction, and breast lift. I had no complications whatsoever, it's been a year since my surgery and everything is perfect READ MORE

More Than I Could Have Ever Dreamed Of..... - West Hollywood, CA

had to live with all these years due to the previous doctor not backing his work & wanting to charge me again. Dr Yamini preformed an implant replacement of saline to silicon, baneli lift and areola reduction. My results are by far more than I could have ever dreamed of! READ MORE

My Story - San Diego, CA

I searched a lot for a nipple surgeon specialist and I m happy that I found the right one . I did areola reduction , lift , breast implant and by now I m happy with the result . I was concerned for READ MORE

Breast Lift with Augmentation - Culver City, CA

my questions were answered. I went from 525cc saline implants downsized to 420 saline implants filled to 450. I had a anchor lift with areola reduction. After surgery I had nearly no pain at the incision sites. 4 weeks post op now and healing beautifully. READ MORE

Scaring Around the Areola - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a breast lift, augmentation and areola reduction 3 months ago. Im concerned with the scaring around my right areola. I would like to know if this requires a scars revision or perhaps areola READ MORE

Crescent Lift with Areola Reduction - Lafayette, LA

I had a crescent lift with an areola reduction on one 8 months ago. After the stitches were removed I noticed that the areola was cut to much on top leaving the nipple too high and not centered. I READ MORE

So Happy, Happy and Highly Recommend my Doctor - Mountlake Terrace, WA

I went in for a MM with a full TT to include smaller implant exchange/lift/areola reduction. I am so thankful to have been under the care of such a professional, skilled, and calming PS. I am only READ MORE

Searching for the Right Doctor - San Bernardino, CA

reviews.his work looks phoenomenal but im very scared beacause i dont jnow anyone who has had this done before.

I need a saline augmentation under the muscle and an areola reduction. I got a quote READ MORE