Breast Reconstruction: One-Stage Breast Reconstruction

*Treatment results may vary

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Bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomy with One-Stage Breast Reconstruction. 397cc implants. One-Stage Breast Reconstruction starts with a mastectomy performed through a very small incision rather than the large across-the-breast scar that used to be the norm. The breast implant is placed during the mastectomy surgery, eliminating the need for painful and prolonged tissue expander appointments. Used a natural collagen substance called Alloderm to create an Internal Bra to support the implant. With this method, the breast can be recreated in a more natural position than typical reconstruction, and looks good even immediately after the surgery. This technique yields a very symmetrical cosmetic result, and can produce virtually any desired breast size. The final scar is minimal, or it may even be completely absent. The results are beautiful, natural-looking breasts.