Facial Rejuvenation with Injectable Fillers

*Treatment results may vary

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Facial rejuvenation was softly done over a course of 2 years to achieve a very natural and balanced restoration of volume in all areas of the face. We started with the under eye and cheeks area. This was achieved with 3ml of Radiesse® skillfully placed in the deep tissues above the bones of the face to give support to all of the above soft tissues. The tear trough was filled with 1ml of Belotero® to take the tired hollows out of the corner of the eyes. The nasal labial fold was filled with 1.5ml of Radiesse®. Then the areas of the temples, cheeks and cheek bones, nasal labial folds and chin were filled with 6ml of Voluma®. The corners of the mouth were filled with 1ml of Juvederm®,