25-34 year old man with FUT (strip) scar treated with FUE Hair Transplant

*Treatment results may vary

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Our patient had a previous strip surgery prior to contacting us. During the consultation, we observed the donor area because a thin linear scar of 3mm wide and 13 cm long was highly visible. There were coarse hairs and good donor density.

The goal was to fill in the donor scar to allow the patient to wear a shorter hair length without revealing the donor scar.
Dr. Patrick Mwamba recommended grafts by FUE/FIT shaven method. The focus today is achieving results in the donor from scar grafting.

The scar's surface was about 3.9 cm2 (13cm long/3mm wide). With knowing that grafting at low density (beneath 30 Fu/cm2) leads to better yields, we decided to graft at 25 Fu /cm2. The total number of grafts placed in the linear FUT (strip) scar was 101 FIT/FUE grafts. FIT/FUE is a far less invasive procedure than FUT/strip that doesn't result in the conventional linear scar.