31 year old male, with inherited bulgy "frog" eyes, had orbital decompression + lid retraction surg.

*Treatment results may vary

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31 year old male, who c/o inherited "frog eyes" with inherited bulging eyes, hollowness and darkness around eyes, and sclera show (lower eyelid retraction). He wanted more almond shape eyes. He cosmetic orbital decompression surgery, lower eyelid retraction surgery (without internal spacer graft), under-eye tear trough implant (to correct under eye hollowness, dark circles), followed later by filler injection in upper eyelids. Preop and 1 month postoperative photos are shown. Note improvement in lower eyelid position with elimination of sclera show and more almond shape eyes with less hollowness and darkness around eyes. (His upper eyelid ptosis was not addressed.)