36 y.o. w/ 3 kids. - Vaginoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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Patient presented with significantly enlarged, very stretchy, lax labia and a quite widened & lax vaginal opening & inner vagina. She had many folds coming into the outer labial surface, and a lot of loose skin at and below the vaginal opening, a real technical and procedure design challenge. My specific design for her was a Y-modification of a V-wedge to take up all the folds & produce a "natural" appearing vaginal opening, a wide excision on the perineum to take up the redundancy in that area, and a perineal and inner vaginal repair designed to both well-tighten the vaginal barrel, re- configure the muscles together in the midline both for strength and to repair her rectocoele, and a firm elevation of her perineum to press her husband's penis anteriorly against her clitoris and G-spot. Her post-op pic is only 1 month. She will begin pelvic floor physical therapy in a week, but she needs another month before all is healed. By the way, her entire procedure was performed in the office under local anesthesia.