45-54 year old woman treated with Tummy Tuck Revision

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A mother of 1 in her early 50’s who had a “miniabdominplasty” elsewhere in 2008 but was still bothered by the rolls of her abdomen. She would like to be able to wear pants with a belt. She is shown before and again, 10 ½ months after an extended abominoplasty. Often patients come in and ask for a “mini abdominplasty”- they want the minimum of surgery but still want a maximum result. I find that it is better to find out what is bothering a patient, make the diagnosis and then come up with the best procedure to treat the diagnosis. As in this case, she asked her first plastic surgeon for a “mini” abdominplasty, but her treatment plan was incorrect. In fact she really needed an “extended” abominoplasty to contour the sides better.

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