72 year old woman treated with the " New Contour Lift" under "Local Anesthesia"

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient is a 72 y/o RN who has worked in the field of plastic surgery for a very long time.
She had a facelift 6 years ago and now presented for Fat transfer. The "New Contour Lift" is my version of a face and neck lift with the addition of Fat Transfer. The addition of Fat to the facelift solves another dimension of aging that a facelift does not address. It adds the necessary volume that is needed for a youthful look. Face lifting addresses excess skin and jowls and the aging neck. All components should be addressed. In this case, her jowls and neck needed to be addressed specifically. Every patient's neck can look like this. The fat added a different component in the mid face and peri-oral region. This surgery was performed under Local Anesthesia and the patient returned to work in 1 week.