Non-surgical Facelift for Hollow Under Eyes, Marionette Lines and Acne Scar

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I drove about 3 hours to see my Dr. after seeing...

I drove about 3 hours to see my Dr. after seeing the amazing before and after silikon photos on his website and I went there knowing I was going to have him do the work--I wasn't looking for just a consultation. Other doctors websites I've seen just did not fill me with the same confidence that I got when I saw Dr. J's work, but even still it took me about a year to work up enough courage to get this work done.

I had Dr. fill the lines from the hollows under my eyes, the marionette lines near my lips, fill an acne scar and also give me botox. The injections were nearly painless as Dr. J applied a very good topical numbing cream to my face first which worked wonderfully. I have had facial injections in the past and was given ice before hand, but the topical from Dr. J was much better than the ice and was truly practically painless.

This procedure took 10-15 years off my face and looks WONDERFUL! I would tell anyone to go to him, even if you need to take a plane to fly to New Jersey, that is how worthwhile this product in Dr. J's hands is. He has made it an art. I have stopped frowning thanks to the botox but now I can't stop smiling thanks to Dr. J! :)

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My Dr. has made this an art. He is wonderful at it and makes you feel very comfortable on a personal level as he understands people come there a bit apprehensive. He has a very warm and friendly personality that put me at ease. He also is very confident and that made me feel confident in him. I am so happy I made the trip there. This procedure took 10-15 years off my face without going under the knife or having any down time--I went out in public just a few hours after injection as it looked great. I just needed a tiny bit of cover up on a slightly red spot which was gone within 2 days.

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