Painless/Drainless Abdominoplasty Technique, Bilateral Breast Implant Removal and Mastopexy,

*Treatment results may vary

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This mother of twins wanted to regain her petite figure. Through Dr. Feng's painless/drainless abdominoplasty technique, bilateral breast implant removal and mastopexy, Dr. Feng was able to reveal her feminine silhouette. Patient was a small B cup prior to her 1993 augmentation. Patient was a D cup prior to her explantation. Patient had 325cc saline implants and contracture on the left side. Patient also had a diastasis tear, umbilical hernia and C-section scar. Patient followed Dr. Feng's recovery program, including supplements, arnica and bromelain and was ready to have her breast drains removed at day 2 post-op. At 8 months post-op patient was back to running marathons. The photos showcase the healing process documented at 14 months post-op.