25-34 year old woman treated with Smart Lipo Triplex to Midback, Upper Arms and Axillary Fat Pads

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient was unable to reduce her fat pockets in very specific areas such as her axilla (armpits), the upper arms and mid back. She was unable to find clothing that fit properly. Wearing a bra would exaggerate the the problem she was trying to hide. She also inquired about fat removal of her arms to reduce the thickness, but she requested that there would be no large scars of any kind. Using a combination of fat removal using power-assisted liposuction and the Smartlipo laser to reduce the skin laxity. At her first post-op appointment it was already clear that she had a tremendous reduction in the skin in all of the areas treated. At six weeks, the result was even more impressive. No skin was removed.