45-54 year old woman treated with Fat Transfer

*Treatment results may vary

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A woman in her early 50's who is bothered by the appearance of her neck. She also has an aged appearance around her eyes. Other than having prominent "frown lines" of the forehead, the brow position is good. The frown lines can be treated later with Botox and Restylane. But she has loose skin in her upper eyelids, volume loss around the eyes and cheeks, prominent fat pads in the lower eyes and laxity of the neck. She is shown before and again, 3 months after an upper and lower blepharoplasty combined with fat grafting to the mid face and a facelift. Lateral SMAS plication was used to tighten the deep tissues of the face. The lower eyelids had significant looseness of the skin and "malar bags" which are difficult to treat. She benefited from a more traditional skin/muscle flap of the lower eyelid with the addition of a lateral orbicular pennant flap to tighten the muscle and smooth the area some. A lateral canthopexy was performed at the same time to decrease the risk of the lower eyelids retracting during the healing process (ectropion). Scars will typically continue to fade and improve over the next 2 years, but are already difficult to see. There is typically still some mild swelling of the face that will continue to resolve over the next 3 months.