65-74 year old woman treated with Tummy Tuck

*Treatment results may vary

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A woman in her mid 60's with severe laxity of her abdomen as well as an umbilical hernia. She is shown before and again, 8 months after abdominoplasty. Her umbilical hernia was corrected at the same time by General Surgery. Seri Surgical Scaffold was used to strengthen the repair of her umbilical hernia and muscle wall. EXPAREL was used to decrease the pain after surgery. Liposuction of the hips was performed at the same time. She reports that she is down from a size 14 to a petite 10 or regular 8. She reports that it is easier now to get in and out of an ocean kayak, partly because her stomach is no longer in the way and partly because she feels that her “core” is stronger now that we have corrected the severe laxity of her abdominal wall muscles. The oblique view demonstrates the "champagne groove" sculpted above the umbilicus and the "periumbilical hollow" sculpted around the umbilicus to give the abdomen a more beautiful shape.