49 year old female with fat grafting to the breast

*Treatment results may vary

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This is the same 49 year old patient  just 3 weeks after a second course of breast enhancement with living fat grafts and a prior peri-areolar lift!!! The patient's own fat was harvested in a way that maximizes its survival to then be placed within the tissue surrounding the breast - There is NO IMPLANT that will ever have to be removed! With a procedure called autologous fat grafting, millions of minute fat parcels are allowed to acquire a new blood supply which then allow them to survive - when this occurs, the fat then becomes integrated into the normal, healthy surrounding tissue and then has the potential to last a lifetime!!! As is seen from the photographs, the patient also had a very tight (constricted) breast/fold which was also expanded before the fat grafts were placed using a device called BRAVA; this literally grew the breasts and allowed better survival of the fat grafts to occur. The initial volume of fat was approximately 425cc and at this session, and additional 300cc were placed into each breast; a tummy tuck was also previously performed. An additional 1400cc of fat (in addition to the previous 2500cc) was removed from donor sites (liposuction). The patient has gone from her initial A cup to her desired C cup and at three weeks, the breasts are soft, supple and totally natural without any lumps or bumps or irregularities and since there is no implant, it will never have to be removed. In addition, unlike an implant which can move and cause implant deformities, fat can be place anywhere to fill in areas that an implant can never reach to create a contour that matches the breast beautifully. Except for the scar around the areola (which was necessary to achieve the lift), there are only small, minute scars under the breast which were used to place the fat grafts!