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I am 5'11 and 165 lbs. - a healthy weight. ...

I am 5'11 and 165 lbs. - a healthy weight.

Measurements: 36D bust (they look/function more like a B, but are technically a D or even DD), 30" waist, 44" at my thigh's widest. My body does not change its shape no matter how much I exercise or eat healthy. This is just my shape, and I've had enough of it!!

Full disclosure: I am an artistic nude model - it is very important to me that I look NATURAL and have little in the way of scars following this surgery. My breasts have bothered me my whole life as I am very pear shaped. They are well shaped, but have little volume. One of my nipples has kind of a "poof" quality to it that drives me mental - it makes me self-conscious when nude. I'm told that this can be fixed with fat transfer. When I was young, I asked my mom when I would get boobs, and she laughed "With your genetics? Not gonna happen." We have mused since that date of how wonderful it would be to suck the fat from here and stick it there. Oh, wouldn't that be a miracle? Imagine how she reacted when I told her I was going to do it. :) No implants for me - complications and the fake feel/look, plus a foreign body in me? Nah.

After months and months of research and several telephone and in-person consultations with doctors all over North America, I decided to stick with my initial choice - Dr. Bednar in North Carolina. His reviews are stellar, and Sylvia, his coordinator, is a ray of sunshine. I have sent in my deposit, and am now counting down the days until I fly there from the west coast of Canada!

Today, I booked my flight and a flight for my best friend, who will take care of me post-op, along with an AirBNB. Things have just become real!!

I have been using the BRAVA breast enhancement system and have gained 1.5" around the fullest part of my breasts. I do believe in the system! I wear it overnight, every night with a tight sports bra. It took a few nights to get comfortable with it on, but now it isn't a big deal. I scored it on eBay.

In a few days, I will receive a packet from the office with all of my instructions. I cannot wait!

Will update soon!


The day is here - I can't believe it!

I flew in yesterday with my best friend. We are staying at an AirBNB near the clinic.

We went in for my pre-op to meet the doctor and staff, who are all fabulously kind. We went over concerns and took lots of photos. I paid the remainder of my fees and left very excited for today!

I have my IV in and am just waiting for Dr. Bednar to arrive to mark me up and take me into the OR... Wish me luck!

Will post the before images from last night alongside the after photos I will take in a few days. :)

Post-Op: Day 1

So far, recuperation has been a cinch!

As so many other reviews have stated, the feeling in my legs is akin to the stiffness felt after a long run. Nothing a little pain killer can't deal with. It has been so easy, in fact, that my friend and I went shopping today! It felt great to wander around at an easy pace. No pain to speak of - just slow and calculated movements. The itching of the incisions under my bum cheeks are driving me mad, however! I know this means they are healing, so I cant complain too much. :)

So Dr. Bednar told me just before surgery while he was making me that he anticipated a 1.5 cup increase and asked if I would want larger if he could fit it. I shrugged and said "sure!" Haha.

My breasts are very hard to the touch, but I know they will soften up over the coming weeks. I couldn't wait to get the bandage off my chest this morning. I was excited to breathe deeply AND see the swollen, bruised mess that will, with time and patience and a strict hands-off policy, turn into the new me, thanks to this wonderful doctor!

I've included photos that I took the night before surgery and today, just 48 hours later.

Couldn't be more thrilled, I tell ya!

First shower

Heaven, I tell you!

Removing the dressings was a little bit painful. I should have thought that holding down the bruised skin around the tape would be beneficial (I was just so excited to get them off!) once they were off and I was zipped back up into my garments, I stepped into the shower, and once out, I gingerly removed my wet garments (you must shower in them), snapped some quick photos, and put on my new garments!

I'm very bruised, but still not experiencing much in the way of pain.

I am actually very concerned about one thing - I mentioned to Dr. Bednar that the liposuction was my first concern, that I was looking for aggressive results, and that having a place to put that fat was secondary in my mind. Now, I'm certain that I'm jumping the gun, here, because I am still so swollen, but I have noticed that several of the areas we discussed have not been lipo'd at all. I trust the doctor completely, so I'm just going to have to wait and see! :) I'm going to be thrilled with the results no matter what.


I'm obsessed with my new body. Obsessed. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My confidence has SKYROCKETED, so I am buying all the pretty maxi dresses (so glad for thrift stores, I tell ya!). I am finally a true hourglass shape, and only getting better! Dr. Bednar is a miracle worker. Healing is going well. I haven't taken a pain pill today; trying to ween myself off of them sooner rather than later. My knees have been a bit sore, but I think that's from adjusting to sleeping on my back with my knees and head elevated, as I am a side sleeper. This has been the most difficult part of recovery for me. I've not taken any of the anti-nausea pills. Could be TMI, but after taking a stool softener yesterday, I had my first BM today.

9 Days Post-Op - starting to soften up!

These photos were taken on July 1st, so 9 days post-op. :)

Wearing the garment in the height of summer heat is tough (it must be worn 24 hours a day), and sleeping on my back is still a challenge, but it is all totally worthwhile so far :)

So my incisions have scabbed over, making them itchy. I can't wait for the dissolvable stitches to fall out... I didn't nab them in time before the scabs formed (I can't see the underside of my breasts, so tried to get my boyfriend to help me - he was, unsurprisingly, nervous and opted to just wait it out).

The bruising is getting better, and I'm starting to get sensation back into the areas that were lipo'd, which means that there is more pain. It is still very low - a 2 or maybe 3 when getting into and out of bed or our truck, but certainly present. Still taking no pain pills.

Living this process is going to make me even more appreciative of the final results. :)

4 Weeks Post-op

All the bruising has been gone for about a week, and I've had a little of that burning pain where I had lipo on my love handles/lower back from time to time, but it passes quickly.

My breasts are much squishier, though I'm still on the hands-off phase to keep them healthy. They've lost a lot of volume. I'm hoping they don't lose much more. :( My breast asymmetry is super apparent again, as it was before surgery, which I'm quite sad about.

I cannot wait to go work out. Still got to let my breasts heal so I don't lose any more fat.

I noticed, now that the bruising is gone and a lot of the swelling has dissipated, that there is a very big bump in the back of my thigh. Crazy noticeable. I'm going to begin massaging it to see if I can get it to loosen up. I'm thinking of getting lymphatic drainage massages soon to help be rid of the rest of the swelling, but again, gotta wait to put pressure on my chest. Maybe I can put pillows under my ribcage and at my clavicle to support my chest without putting pressure on my breasts?

Anyway, here's some new photos. Never in my life have I wished away the summer, but man, September 22nd cannot come fast enough so I can get back to my life!

12 Weeks Post Op

Bust: 37
Cup: B/small C (I fill out my old bras now. Still wear chicken cutlets sometimes.)
Waist: 29"
Hip bone: 41"
Hip widest: 44"

Wanted to give an update!

Since my last update, not much has changed. I've stopped wearing my compression garments (I've never known freedom like this!! Enormous sigh of relief!), am still not drinking (despite working in a liquor store - boo!), and have begun modeling again finally! So nice to be approaching normality again!

Overall, I'm happy with my body, but am disappointed by how little fat was actually removed. My measurements are almost exactly the same as they were before, but my shape is much improved; I gained one inch in my bust and lost one in my waist. My love handles are shrunken, but still there. I went into this wanting substantial changes in fat removal, but hopefully once I return to a healthier menu and begin working out things will fall better into place. I still don't want to break a sweat and risk losing fat - I need every last fat cell at this point! At the beginning of October, I will be focused on toning up. Until then, still eating lots of carbs to keep the fat happy.

One breast is still significantly larger than the other, which bothers me, but probably only me. My boyfriend and I can't wait to actually touch them - I've still had to enforce a hands-off policy for the health of the fat cells, haha!

The scars are still deep purpley red, but they are small and beginning to fade. I've stayed completely out of the sun all summer to make it so.

I swear, I'm counting down the hours to when I can live life normally again!! Happy Bednar Babe! I'll be sticking with my 4/5 rating and changing the final review to Worth It. I'll still keep you updated, but only here and there. If you want to do this procedure, consider Dr. Bednar - he really did a great job on me!


Best thing I've ever done for myself, 13 months later!

I increased from a C to a D/DD, but my body shape didn't change much, just the fullness. I love that there is definition higher up in my chest now, as it gives the illusion of cleavage even when my breasts aren't pushed together. I still wear a push-up bra, and can easily walk without a bra at all when I so wish. They are still asymmetrical, though I doubt anyone would be able to tell unless I leaned forward or they were pushed together. The liposuction did leave marks on either side - about the size of two fingers on the back of each lovehandle. Thankfully, this is part of Dr. Bednar's guarantee, so eventually I will have this altered. At that time, I will also have the fat that has now settled in my double chin rather than my thighs removed. Have I thought about having this done again for more fullness? Yes. If I win the lotto, I probably will. Implant free and so happy. :)

Hardest part was not drinking for 3 months after surgery. Seriously.

Best of luck to each of you on your journey!!

**you may notice that there are 'new' beauty marks on my body in the new photos. I edited them out of the pre-op images because I did not want to be recognizeable with my belly and unflattering angles as a model. They were otherwise completely unedited, I assure you.

Lovehandle marks

Here's the video of the marks on my livehandles, plus a video of how my breasts behave 13 months after surgery.
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