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Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Regret ~ What to Do?

Hi, I recently went in for a permanent eyeliner tattoo consultation, but somehow got sucked in to it right then, right there. The lines don't seem... READ MORE

How long does it take for newly tattooed eyebrows to fade and heal completely?

Hi!  I got my eyebrows tattooed on Dec 2. It's been 2 weeks now. The color has faded a bit but it is definitely still a lot darker than I would... READ MORE

Why is my Permanent Eyeliner Fading So Soon?

3 wks ago, I had permanent eyeliner applied. I followed the aftercare to a tee, stayed out of sun, stayed away from direct shower spray, did A & D... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Lighten Permanent Under Eye Eyeliner?

How can I have my permenant under eye eyeliner lightened up a bit from the dark shade I now have. I dont want it removed. I live in Spokane Washington... READ MORE

Does Permanent Makeup Fade and Reappear?

Does Permanent Make Up Fade the Following Days Later and then Reappear? READ MORE

Is it normal for semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows to fade dramatically and have bald patches in less than a week? (photo)

I got my eyebrows tattooed on Friday. I've noticed that the color has faded really fast (less than a week) and there are patches of missing color. Is... READ MORE

How to make my eyebrow embroidery fade faster?

I get myself an eyebrow embroidery and regretted alot for it. It looks so unnatural, different from what people told me that embroidery looks more... READ MORE

Can salicylic acid fade my permanent makeup that I got on my eyebrows?

So I recently got a eyebrow tattoo that will only last 2 years . I'm so happy with it but I happen to have bad eczema under my eyebrows it gets with... READ MORE

How can I fade my tattooed eyebrows faster?

I had My eyebrows done just last night and I not happy at all I wish this never happened. Want to do everything to fade then fast. I read about some... READ MORE

Any suggestions for semi permanent eyebrow removal ?

Hi, I've recently had rejuvi treatment done on my eyebrows as I have made a terrible mistake and had semipermanent makeup done which was a complete... READ MORE

Can I Fade my Light Brown Permanent Make Up (Eyebrows) with Vitamin A? (Tretinoin)

Is it possible to fade the permanent make up with Tretinoin? Are there any side effects? Does it destroy the hair? READ MORE

Will Permanent Makeup Eventually Go Away Entirely?

I had permanent black eyeliner top and bottom about a year ago and it is turning a blue color. is that what is meant by "fading"? i really don't like... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup On Eyebrows Is Fading Less Than a Week Later. What's Causing This? Can It Be Prevented?

Hi ... Went in to get my eyebrows done and I was thrilled with the outcome but now 4/5 days later .... They are almost completely gone . What happened... READ MORE

How Can I Remove or Fade Permanent Lip Makeup?

I had full-lip and liner applied and it is too much for me. What can I do to fade it out? READ MORE

Is there any way I can make my semi permanent eyebrow tattoo fade quicker? Please help!

I got them tattooed in 2012 & they are now uneven. I regret so much getting them tattooed. I hate them and it really bothers me a lot. I'm embarrassed... READ MORE

How Much Do Tattooed Lips Fade?

I just had my lips and eyes done and they are way too dark. I said I wanted a natural look, no black and a pinky lip color. But my eyes look black and... READ MORE

How long will it take for my eyebrows to fade? Does the sun affect the colour?

Hi, I had my brows done 3 weeks ago. They are still a little but dark. I'm going Mexico on holiday soon, will the sun fade them? Also, when they fade,... READ MORE

Why Did the Permanent Makeup on my Lips Fade Within 6 Months?

I had permanent make up on my lips, it faded within 6 months to an on exiting color. I look like I never had anything done. What is my options now? READ MORE

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