Swelling + Panniculectomy

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Swelling Post Panniculectomy? (photo)

I had a panniculectomy done by a general surgeon. They only removed about 2 inches of loose skin from previous pregnancies. I am bruised from my belly... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: I had a panniculectomy 7 weeks ago and my PS thinks I need lipo. (photo)

My surgery didn't remove much skin. About 1 pound. I had no drains put in. The "muffintop" is hard. I don't feel pain. I dont know, I just want to... READ MORE

My surgeon did not place any compression garments on me. Should I take it upon myself to add compression garments? (photos)

I am 6 days post op panniculectomy. I have a lot more swelling now than the day of surgery and am still having a fairly significant amount of drainage... READ MORE

Should I request a revision for more skin to be removed? (photos)

I had a panniculectomy with muscle repair 7 weeks ago and then a revision 3 week ago. The revision was to pull the skin tighter as well as fix my... READ MORE

Panniculectomy and bathroom issue post-op. Any suggestions?

My question sounds silly but it's something I've noticed, since surgery 2 months ago, I feel like I am voiding my bladder more frequently, I feel I... READ MORE

Will a compression garment help reduce swelling after a panniculectomy? Do they normally wait till tube removal? (photos)

My surgeon took my compression garment away 1 day post op. I have read reviews where pts are still wearing them months after their procedure. READ MORE

Paniculectumy and liposuction done 1 month and look swelling like I'm pregnant. (Photos)

I did a paniculectumy and liposuction on my. Ack and flanks and upper belly but my upper belly still look the same and my belly looks like I'm pregnant READ MORE

I Have Muffin Top After Panniculectomy? (photo)

Hoiw long will I have this muffin top swelling it is unsightly and uncomfortable it has been 14 days i still have drain on right side once the lett... READ MORE

I am 10wks s/p panniculectomy, lipo of abdomen,flanks, and waist still swollen. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 10wks s/p panniculectomy, lipo of abdomen,flanks, and waist still with a great deal of swelling (abdomen and upper thighs)especially toward the... READ MORE

Had panniculectomy 5 months ago. My stomach is numb & my vagina is swollen on one side, I mean HUGE, no pain. Is this normal?

Had a panniculectomy almost 5 months ago now, my stomach & upper thighs are still numb & my Vagina is swollen on one side I mean HUGE no pain ( from... READ MORE

I have excessive swelling from my panniculectomy. How long does it usually last?

I have excessive swelling from my panniculectomy. How long does it usually last. I am wearing a binder and I am 10 days post operative but can't wear... READ MORE

Is this upper abdomen swelling, normal? Please tell me this is normal or is it something I should be worried about? (Photo)

I had a Panni/TT, no MR/lipo, & a thigh lift on 11-11-14 . Today, the upper part of my stomach looks like there is an alien growing, My PS doesn't... READ MORE

Is it common for people to look pregnant after a Panniculectomy? (Photo)

Is it just from swelling? I understand that the amount of fat in the muscle has an impact, but does the loose fat in the upper waist also play a role?... READ MORE

5 weeks post anchor panniculectomy...should I be farther along by now? (photos)

I had an anchor panniculectomy 5 wks ago. I seemed to heal well for the first 2 wks then I developed a seroma. It was so bad that any touch to my... READ MORE

Can a seroma reoccur years later?

I had a pannulectomy in '96 with a large seroma, it eventually resolved with scar tissue formation. 2 weeks ago I notice swelling in the same area... READ MORE

Swelling with panniculectomy?

I got a br back in January, since then I've lost even more weight. My dogears have virtually gone away on their own. Now I'm getting my pooch removed... READ MORE

Does my panniculectomy look like it was done right? (Photo)

My surgeon originally said I needed an fdl which ins approved. Then he later changed his mind and said it was too large of a surgery and he would only... READ MORE

Why am I swelling so bad and having so many complications?! (photos)

I had a pani with the top of my tummy done and my belly button moved in February. I also had a Brest reduction with auxiliary tissue at the same time.... READ MORE

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