Nose Surgery Videos

Rhinoplasty Reveal: The First Time She Sees Her Nose After the Surgery

Dr. Steven Dayan's office shares this video of a young woman seeing her nose for the first time after her rhinoplasty procedure. See her before and after photos as well. VIEW NOW

Dorsal Hump Reduction: Nose Surgery to Improve Nasal Profile (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen talks about nose surgery, more specifically known as rhinoplasty, and how a dorsal hump reduction surgery is performed. Before and after pictures are shared as well. VIEW NOW

Learn How Rib Cartilage Is Used in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Luis Macias explains how rib cartilage can be harvested and used during your rhinoplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

Surgical & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Options: If You Have Trouble Breathing, Learn Which Option Is Best for You

Dr. Luis Macias explains the importance of distinguishing which rhinoplasty procedure, surgical or non-surgical, is the correct route for you. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Before & After: See this Nose Makeover (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Remus Repta performs a rhinoplasty on this patient. He removes the hump, refines the tip, improves breathability, and narrows the nose as well. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty Recovery: How Long Will I Be Wearing Splints?

Dr. Jack Peterson explains how long one can expect to be in recovery and wearing splints after rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During a Rhinoplasty Consultation

Dr. Jack Peterson explains what kind of candidates typically seek rhinoplasty surgery and what the consultation process is like. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty: What Happens in This Procedure?

Dr. Michael Carlisle explains what happens in rhinoplasty surgery and the importance of a patient and surgeon being on the same page. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty: Which 3 Types of Patients Can Benefit From This Procedure?

Dr. Michael Carlisle outlines the 3 categories of patients that can benefit from nose surgery. VIEW NOW

A Female Patient is Speechless After Seeing Her Rhinoplasty Results

Dr. Michael Elam shares a video of a female patient seeing her new look for the first time after she received rhinoplasty and chin implant procedure. VIEW NOW

What Is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses what an ethnic rhinoplasty is, and how each rhinoplasty he does is in essence an ethnic rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Before & After: See This Woman's Complete Facial Makeover

Dr. Laxmeesh Mike Nayak discusses how this woman's results demonstrate how rhinoplasty can be the finishing touch on a full face rejuvenation. She underwent a lower facelift, neck lift, lower eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Before & After: Non-Surgical Nose Job With Juvederm Filler

Dr. Jaime Schwartz explains how this woman had 2 previous rhinoplasties and desired more correction. Juvederm filler was used to smooth out the bridge of her nose, giving her the slope she wanted. This should last for about one year. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect After Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. David Gilpin discusses the changes you will see after your rhinoplasty procedure, as well as any concerns someone considering the procedure might have. VIEW NOW

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See the Procedure: Removing Rhinophyma With a CO2 Laser

Dr. Edward Gross explains how the CO2 laser is used to remove rhinophyma in a 63-year-old man. Dr. Edward Gross performs the laser treatment with the DOT DEKA laser. VIEW NOW