Nose Surgery Videos

Ethnic Nose Jobs: What You Should Know When Considering Surgery

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj discusses rhinoplasty techniques for Asian and African American patients, including nasal implant materials. VIEW NOW

Tears of Joy — One Woman's Nose Job Transformation

Dr. Michael Elam performed rhinoplasty, septoplasty and septorhinoplasty procedures on this woman. See her results and reactions to seeing her new nose. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Shares His Rhinoplasty Philosophy and Consultation Experience

Dr. Somenek explains his philosophy of rhinoplasty and how this involves preserving the vital structures of the nose to produce a long lasting result. He also reviews the consultation experience. VIEW NOW

What to Expect After a Rhinoplasty

Dr. Michael T. Somenek explains what you can expect after your rhinoplasty and answers common questions about recovery. VIEW NOW

Nasal Aesthetics & Functionality Improved Through Rhinoplasty

Dr. Michael Elam performed rhinoplasty on this man by straightening the nasal tip/septum and partial submucosal. Not only was his aesthetics improved, but also his breathing. See his results and hear Dr. Elam's evaluation and explanation. VIEW NOW

One Woman's Revision Nose Job Transformation

Dr. Michael Elam performed a revision rhinoplasty or nose job on this woman. Hear Dr. Elam's evaluation and see her results. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Defines aYoung Woman's Face With a Nose Job and Chin Implant

Dr. Michael Elam shares his evaluation of this young woman's prominent nose and weak chin. VIEW NOW

Nasal Bossae Correction: The Doctor Explains the Procedure With Photos

Dr. Anil Shah discusses nasal bossae, a nasal cartilage deformity that can be corrected with surgery. VIEW NOW

5 Months After Her Nose Job, Find Out If This Woman Is Happy With Her Result

Dr. Gregory Turowski performed rhinoplasty on this young woman who was initially scared of having a nose job. VIEW NOW

See How a Nose Job and Chin Implant Balance This Model's Face

Mrs. B. wanted to achieve a stronger profile and change from a square to an almond shape chin. Dr. Richard W. Westreich performed a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and chin implant. He discusses her procedure and shares before and after photos. VIEW NOW

How Small Can I Make My Nose?

Dr. Anil R. Shah discusses the limitations and factors that effect how small a nose can be made. VIEW NOW

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Learn the Causes of Nasal Obstruction After a Nose Job

Dr. Michael Somenek explains why it is necessary to preserve the cartilage in the nose and how over-resection can lead to breathing problems after a rhinoplasty or a nose job. VIEW NOW

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How a Deviated Septum Causes Migraines — The Doctor Explains

A common symptom septoplasty patients suffer from is migraine headaches which can be painful. The reason why many of Dr. Kevin Smith's septoplasty patients suffer from migraines is because they have sustained an injury to the nose. VIEW NOW

3 Factors That Determine the Cost of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Edwin Williams III explains three factors that can determine the cost of your surgery. VIEW NOW

Learn About a Rib Grafting Alternative for Nasal Dorsum Deformity and Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Arian Mowlavi introduces a product which works as a rib grafting alternative for nasal dorsum deformity and revision rhinoplasty procedures. VIEW NOW

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