Brooke R. Seckel, MD answers: Fat transfer suitable for tubular breasts?


Fat transfer for breast enlargement is experimental at this stage in my opinion. It has been used successfully to enlarge breasts that have been treated with reduction mammaplasty--but these studies were just presented last month.

Tubular breast involves a congenital lack of skin and breast tissue especially in the medial aspect of the breast near the cleavage.

In my experience, even breast implants alone cannot correct tubular breast. Often a mastopexy type operation and an implant is necessary.

The best results I have seen involve insertion of a breast tissue expander to stretch and expand the constricted breast.

These are sophisiticated techniques and you need to see an expert plastic surgeon who has experience with the tubular breast.

I would advise against fat transfer--survival of the fat is not always uniform and I do not have confidence that fat transfer will affect the fibrous and skin constriction that is causing the problem.

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Boston Plastic Surgeon