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6 Weeks After Free Nipple Graft, There are Holes that Have Opened that are Leaking a Little, Should I be Concerned?

FNG 6 weeks, no bolsters, criss/cross stiches instead, looks great, pink etc., but last week 2 or 3 teeny holes have opened in nipple or areola area,... READ MORE

Areola Reduction Surgery – Permanent Stitches or Not Permanent?

I had an areola reduction 7 years decreasing areolas to 4.5cm (using not permanent stitches). Sadly, due to weight gain they increased to 8cm so I a... READ MORE

I Can See White Threads After Areola Reduction and Breast Augmentation. Should I Go See the Dr?

Hi. I did a breast augmentation and areola reduction 2 weeks ago. Scars are healing quiet well but I can see few white color treads coming out from... READ MORE

This Stitch is Stuck? (photo)

I had my stitches removed about 2 weeks ago,i had a small scab, when it fell off i noticed the stitch i grabbed some tweezers an pulled about 2inches... READ MORE

Areola Reduction Problem - Leaking from Stitch Site

Thank you for the answer. Continuing with case ( I have further comments. There... READ MORE

Spitting stitches after areola revision and doctor cut and removed part of the permanent periareolar pursestring stitches.

Areolas revised in Texas. Trouble healing in a few spots. I live in California, saw a local PS to help remove the dissolvable stitching in the trouble... READ MORE

How soon after my Areola Reduction can I have a revision--what are my options?

I have small breasts (a 32b) but large areolas. I had an areola reduction on January 12 and in just one month my areolas have stretched back to their... READ MORE

Areola reduction to lift the breast? (Photo)

I was recently told that I have breast ptosis. I also think that a lot of my breast tissue is being pushed through my areola which has grown very... READ MORE

Is it REALLY necessary to use permanent stitches when someone is getting only a SLIGHT areola reduction? (photo)

I'm an athlete naturally thin and very flat chested barely an A cup. I don't have HUGE areolas but I would love to have them made slightly smaller to... READ MORE

Painful areolas 2 years post areola reduction surgery, possibly from stitching? (Photo)

I had areola reduction 2 years ago and its feels painful to touch and it feels so tight and gets really stiff and constricted in the cold, i was... READ MORE

What can I do about raised scars around areola?

I had areola reduction surgery 10 months ago and the stitches are still in the scar causing it to be raised. Why was the stitches left in there? And... READ MORE

Third nipple removal - redness after stitches (Photo)

I got my third and fourth nipples removed just under a month ago now by a biopsy and stitches. I'm now left with 2 small red circles, which pretty... READ MORE

How to fix pustuals (tiny pours) on groin nipple reconstruction?

I had a tram flap with groin nipple reconstruction in 2004. Since then I have issues with tiny pours that fester and turn red at the site where the... READ MORE

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