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35 Years Old with 2600 Hair Grafts

So story goes like this, I am from India, a 35 year old male with receding hairline, with temples being more affected, with hair thinning and of course no success with any remedy to stop further hair loss. Having said that, I started searching for clinics in early 2015 and finally met a guy in... READ MORE

Neograft at 27, Been Balding Since 21 and in Sales

I am in sales and i'm face-to-face with people every day, from the looks of it I see that people with more and better hair get better treatment as much as I would like not to admit that The sales world is a little materialistic, my main concern was that I was balding in the front I like to keep... READ MORE

38 yr old man with solar panel in crown

It was a long day but a month out and all is going pretty well. Still itchy at diner site and a little scabbed at implant area. I thought the top would be totally healed a month after but still some scabs and tenderness on top. READ MORE

Amazing experience and Superior Results!!

I have been looking into hair transplant for several years and found comfort in Dr. Kearney's office. When meeting with Dr. Kearney and his nurse practitioner, Shannon, it was obvious that they were very knowledgeable about hair transplant and the Neograft technology. They made me feel very... READ MORE

Neograft Hair Transplantation - Dr Jacono Review

The results from the procedure are nothing short of amazing. Dr. Jacono and his staff were great and having my own natural hair growing in places that were once bald or going bald is a miracle. Thank you Dr. Jacono for giving me back my hair and my confidence. You are the man! READ MORE

Dr Jacono Review - Neograft hair transplant

When I arrived at Dr Jaconos office, the waiting room was pretty busy. I had to wait for about an hour to be seen. The front staff was super friendly and they provided me with coffee and a snack and a large screen TV to keep my occupied while I waited. Once it was my turn to be seen, I was... READ MORE

Best Decision I Ever Made (And Still Making) - Smyrna, GA

I attempted to post a review earlier - which didn't post --- so I will try again. I am now 53 years old, and had been cursed with a high forehead. During my teen years I could always hide it with long hair (unless the wind blew the wrong way). In my 40's, I always had the edge to have a graft... READ MORE

33 Year Old Male - Hair Restoration. Toronto, ON

Dr. Torgerson and his clinic manager Brian sat down with me to discuss my hair restoration options. After a brief inquiry period, he took a few photos with his ipad and began explaining the process and sketching on the photos. It was a relaxing and informal discussion but it was informative as... READ MORE

Neograft Hair Transplant Success - Toronto, ON

I had a wonderful experience with dr.torgenson and all his staff. The office was clean bright and professional. He explained every detail of the surgery so I was able to make intelligent decisions along the way. He designed a very natural hairline that I am extremely happy with. I highly... READ MORE

Neograft and Dr Rodriguez-Feliz - Miami, FL

I have wanted to do hair transplantation for a long time. But was concerned about the cost , pain, down time and worried that others would be able to tell . Yesterday, I had it done and in one word, fantastic! Zero pain, zero. The cost was reasonable, I have no swelling , and I am certain that... READ MORE

Got my Hair Back....no More Bald Spot! !! - Toronto, ON

Got my hair did on June 9th. Dr. Torgerson was an artist when he set everything up for what needed to be done and drew it all out on my head. The staff and nurses were amazing and felt like friends by the end of the day. And the procedure was fairly painless and recovery so far has been great!!... READ MORE

NeoGraft Hair Transplant at NuMale Medical Center - Las Vegs, NV

In January, 2015, I had an appointment to do 2,500 to 3,000 grafts with NuMale Medical Center. I arrived to the center around 7:30 am, by 8:15 the work was started and around 5 pm the work was complete. A couple notable items, NuMale used PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, which is my own blood to rest... READ MORE

More Hair, 2nd Hair Transplants with Neograft. Princeton, NJ

I am so excited and happy! I had a small hair transplant exactly a year ago to the front of my head and had great results. I was a nervous before I started so I only had a little area done. It was much better than I expected. Yesterday, I came back to have the rest of my head done. I... READ MORE

Fantastic Neograft Outcome - Wayne, NJ

I had the Neograft with the addition of PRP, procedure in early January of 2015. After meeting with about 5 other providers in the area I chose Dr. Wise. It was a simple choice after doing the research; I found comfort knowing he is a plastic surgeon who specializes in the head/neck. His... READ MORE

Dr. Slusher: Neograft FUE 2500 Grafts Orlando, FL

Hi guys, I've been lurking this site before my HT and after so I thought I'd share my progress and experience so far for others to view. Please feel free to comment or suggest anything. I appreciate everyone's input if you feel generous to give it. On 3/6/15, I had the Neograft procedure with... READ MORE

33 Years Old with Thick Hair but a Balding Crown.... - Smyrna, GA

I'm in the early part of my 30's, still very active socially and over the last couple of years the bald spot on the crown of my head has become more and more noticeable because I typically keep my hair short. I have been casually looking for alternative treatments besides topical foams and... READ MORE

35 Year Old Male Fighting the Early Stages of Hair Loss. - Marina Del Rey, CA

I have met Dr. Stevens on several occasions. One day, I asked him about NeoGraft. I am 35 years old, and not bald by any means, but I could already see the signs of thinning hair. It was an issue I wanted to address before the problem got to be irreparable. He took a look at me and decided that... READ MORE

REWARD YOURSELF AND GET THE NEOGRAFT! The pictures tell the story!- Pittsburgh, PA

I was SO HESITANT to do a hair restoration. I has researched online for what seemed like an eternity and weighed the cost versus what I could have bought with the money. My dad was bald by age 50 and it looked like I was headed down the same path. For me it was FACEBOOK that made me realize I... READ MORE

Well-trained caring physician with sense of style

Well-trained caring physician with sense of style. She did two surgeries for me; I was so impressed with the first one that I came back to her and only her for the second one. She has a pleasant bed side manner too. READ MORE

50ish in Job Competitive World with Neograft and Lipo Life Changing

Full hair and smaller waist. Had a neograft hair transplant 2000 grafts 2 years ago and 1 year ago liposuction of chest, abs and love handles by Dr Fernau with great results. I am on third job promotion and feel confident. My waist was 36 and now it is 32. After showering or swimming I do... READ MORE

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