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I Second Platysmaplasty Done and I Still Have Prominent Banding, What Can I Do?

The 1st procedure was done with a LSL procedure(scars behind and around the ears),with the platysmaplasty scar under the chin. The 2nd procedure was... READ MORE

S and Neck Lift? (photo)

I had an S-lift/neck lift about 5 months ago: post op day 1 bandages were removed, I noticed a hard lump under my chin on the left. The ps told me it... READ MORE

How Can My Ear Be Fixed?

The picture above was taken at 6 weeks post op. At 18 weeks post op the doctor tried to make this side more presentable by moving the skin, I believe... READ MORE

Do I need a revision on my Neck Lift? (photos)

41/2 months post-op from necklift with lipo, corset platy, lower facelift, cheek implants by a double board certified PS. Not happy with the look... READ MORE

What interventions can help with tightness 5 months after neck and lower face lift?

I have excessive tightness in my neck, jaw, cheeks and around my ears 5 months post-op. My PS says he has never had a patient who exhibited these... READ MORE

Can distorted ears after necklift be fixed? (Photo)

Five months post op, my ears do not look normal and I cannot wear my hair up. PS is no help...he says they look fine. I want to get rid of the pleats... READ MORE

Had neck lift performed and concerned with under ear scarring. (Photo)

I had a neck lift 5 months prior to these pictures. The PS did not remove much fat via lipo, so the results are modest but ok. The problem is it... READ MORE

Left side and centre of neck below incision seem a little lumpy. Will this resolve within a few months? (Photo)

The left side of the neck...tendon or muscle still tender to the touch...drain was there. And under incision on neck below chin it appears a little... READ MORE

A double chin after five months po (Photo)

Hey! After five months of the face / neck lift, I have a double chin that is visible from the front and from the side. I intend to remove it but do... READ MORE

Is the sagging in my neck typical after a neck lift or do I need a revision?

It has been 5 months since my face and necklift and fat transfer to checks and nasolabial folds. My neck looked great at 3 months but I can't see much... READ MORE

Sudden severe pain behind one ear; 5 months post-op lower face/neck lift?

I am 5 months post op lower face/neck lift. I moved my head back while looking up and felt and heard a scrunch in the front side of my neck. It felt... READ MORE

Platysmal bands post surgery caused by internal scar tissue or over-correction? (Photo)

Platysmaplasty w/ lipo 5 months ago, still have a prominent band midline upon rest. 2 rounds of botox, silicone sheets and massage provide no... READ MORE

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