4 Days Post-op + Mommy Makeover

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Is coughing up a red phlegm mucus wad normal after a breathing tube & surgery?

I am 4 days post op, and today I coughed up red phlegm or mucus. The past 3 days I have coughed up one, brown to green phlegm per day and figured it... READ MORE

Severe Swelling Cant Feel Toes?

On monday i has an extendend TT-Breastlift with 450cc implants-lipo of myhips and one thigh....and some moles and tags were removed during surgery.... READ MORE

4 days post op mommy makeover. Breasts are too high. (Photo)

Okay look at my pictures I'm extremely sad at this time..I'm 4 days post op mommy makeover and breast Augmentation.. they look horrible they hurt and... READ MORE

Could I have popped a stitch after vomiting?

I am 4 days post Mommy makeover. Yesterday at day 3 I got sick ad threw up. I felt a popping sensation and wondered if It's possible to tear a stitch... READ MORE

When Can I Expect my Breasts to Have the End Result?

I am 4 days post op from a TT and rectus plication with vertical extension and mastopexy WITHOUT augmentation. I know that it will take at least 6... READ MORE

Should my Breast Be Smaller After Surgery?

I am 4 days Po, I had a complete mommy make over. I got a TT,Bl,BA,and lipo. So far I can't tell how the TT went but I am devastated over the BA... READ MORE

I am 96 hours post Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift. What are normal and abnormal sensations I should call my doctor for? (photo)

I feel numb especially around the belly button where it is tightest. I also feel a lot of rumbling and gas. I feel tight and very full of fluid and I... READ MORE

Mommy makeover 4 days post, will the results improve? (photos)

I asked a while ago if I was a good candidate for a mommy makeover after a weightloss of 50 kilos, granted I am still overweight. Feeling encouraged I... READ MORE

Saline implants too high. What should I do?

Got a mommy makeover 4 days ago. My right breast is riding high. High as in under my collar bone. What should I do? READ MORE

When do I wear a bra? 4 days post-op (Photo)

I just had a mommy makeover. Because of the binder she diesnt put on a bra or wrap the breasts because she says pushes them to high up. When should I... READ MORE

How swollen until it becomes a concern? (photo)

I'm 4 days post op. I had a tummy tuck lipo flanks & bra roll & lift with implants. Is it normal to get more swollen each day. To me the swelling is... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had a breast implant deflate during a TT with lipo procedure? (Photo)

I just had a TT with lipo on the upper, flanks and back... I came home and within 4 days my left breast implant which was filled with 455cc Saline is... READ MORE

Any suggestions for BBL, Tummy tuck and breast augmentation? (photos)

. Please help. I'm 4 days post-op. My BBL I can't even see any improvement. I am just scared that I spent all that money and didn't get the results... READ MORE

I am 4 days post op from a tummy tuck and breast augmentation - intense pain.

 Is it normal to have intense pain and burning right under my rib. I have to hold both hands over the area to apply pressure or i CANNOT... READ MORE

I had a Mommy make over 4days ago. I have lots of pain in my sides (hips by incision area) and lower back. Is this normal?

The pain in my sides (hips) and lower back is far worse than the my breasts or stomatch. Is this normal? My husband showered me today and the area in... READ MORE

Post mommy lift left leg numbness.

Occassionally when I sit down, I get a numbness in my right leg that goes away when I stand. I try to move as much as possible but I'm 4 days post tt,... READ MORE

Had TT, lipo, and breast lift 4 days ago. Are my drains normal? (photo)

One drain has red blood with some clotting that I'm afraid my be blocking the drain. the other is more clear with white chunks in it??should a be... READ MORE

I haveing some shortness of breath after short walks. Is this common after a TT and BA?

I'm four days PO for TT & BA. I had my first PO visit with my doctor today. Walking to his office ( not a long walk ) I was having a hard time... READ MORE

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