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Fading Mole?

Hi Doctors. I have a question. I have a mole that i have had for a LONG time on the cartledge on my ear. Looking back at a pic from 7 years ago it was... READ MORE

Can Raised Mole Be Removed from the Inside of an Ear?

I have a mole in the inside of my ear. It never really bothered me until recently. Can it be removed? If so, how will it be removed and how much would... READ MORE

Does my Mole on the Back of My Ear Look Cancerous? (photo)

I have a mole on the back of my ear that looks abnormal to me. I have spent most of my childhood-teen years outdoors as I am a lifeguard. Does this... READ MORE

Infiltrative Bcc on my Ear?

I had a lump on my left ear removed with curettage (full excision) sent for biopsy. The results shows it was an 'infiltrative' basal cell carcinoma.... READ MORE

Mole On Head Has Been There For 2 Months. Has Gotten a Bit Larger? (photo)

I have a mole on the top of my head that has been present for about 2 months now. First came in it looked like a pimple but it has not gone away and... READ MORE

I have had a bump behind my ear for 4 years and it's starting to get worse, what could it be? (photo)

I noticed about 4 years ago a bump on the back of my conchal bowl that had never been there before. I thought it may have been a pimple and tried to... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a big raised mole near my ear removed? (photo)

Hello i have big mole right next to my ear and it is about 1cm in "height" and 0,5cm in width. It is also raised... Is it possible to have it surgical... READ MORE

Does the mole on the back of my ear look cancerous? (photo)

Does this look cancerous or am I just being paranoid? READ MORE

History of Infiltrative BCC, but Deem Won't Biopsy New Lump?

I had a BCC taken off my ear in October, results showed it was an aggressive 'intfiltrative' type. It was a waxy pearly lump with multiple thread... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove this Mole at home?

I've had this mole on my ear since I was young and want it gone. I had it checked by my doctor and he said it was just a raised mole that was harmless... READ MORE

My husband had a mole which was removed. Should we be worried? GP says it might be malignant

My husband had a mole in his outer ear which was removed by his GP.They sent it for biopsy and he rcvd an appnt with a dermatologist. The... READ MORE

Can a raised mole which covers the entire ear be removed ? (photos)

My daughter is 18 and had has this since birth it covers all of her ear, is there anything that can be done? READ MORE

Odd mole under ear on face. (Photo)

So, I had a bump under my ear which I popped a few times till it stopped coming back. I ended up having to put rubbing alcohol on it so it would "dry... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the mole on my ear?

I have a mole on my ear which has grown in size quite a lot over few months and is painfull, is it anything to worry about?  READ MORE

Wanting to know if by having one keloid does that make me certain to get another after cosmetic surgery in a different area?

I recently had 2 moles removed. 1 on my jawline and 1 on behind my ear on my neck. Before all of this I had cut my shoulder and a growth appeared and... READ MORE

Do I need to get this lump/mole checked out? (photo)

I lump appeared under my left ear about a month ago. It is not red, nor does it itch. Is it a mole? I am 50. READ MORE

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