Fading Mole?

Hi Doctors. I have a question. I have a mole that i have had for a LONG time on the cartledge on my ear. Looking back at a pic from 7 years ago it was MUCH darker. The mole is still the same shape and size, just MUCH lighter. Is this normal? Thank you for your time!

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Change in a mole

Many moles can change with time - most of the gradual changes are harmless. This could be a change in colour, shape or size. If the change has happened rapidly - for example, increasing in size or a change in the colour or surface of a mole within a few weeks or months - you should get it checked out. Otherwise a gradual change over seven years does not sound too sinister.

If you are very worried, please see a specialist (or at least post a good quality photograph here).

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Moles Can Fade

Yes, it can be normal for a mole to fade and it actually is more common than we think. Often it is a sign that the mole is being reabsorbed by your body. Classical warning signs of skin cancer are darkening, not lightening, of the mole. Of course, nothing is ever 100% certain so there is no substitute for a physical examination by a dermatologist and skin biopsy, if indicated. If necessary, a mole on the ear can be easily removed by a "shave biopsy" and sent to the lab for microscopic examination.

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Fading mole

This does not sound too sinister, altough any changes to a mole warrant getting it looked at.  There is no substitute for a clinical examination, so if it has bothered you enough to post this question on this site, then I would say that it is worth visiting your local doctor for a face to face opinion.

Good luck.

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