Crusty + Mole Removal

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Should I Go Get This Mole Checked Out? (photo)

This mole (picture attached) just appeared yesterday on my arm. It was crusty, and it doesn't look like any of my other moles. It has a white spot in... READ MORE

I have a crusty mole on my back. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I have a mole on my back that used to be smooth and light brown but now is crusty like a scab. After I shower and towel off it bleeds. If touch it the... READ MORE

Weird looking mole? (Photos)

Hi, I've had this mole for a few years now but the last year it's gotten crusty and just plain weird looking. I've also measured it and it is just... READ MORE

My mole has changed dramatically. Could this be cancerous?

I've had this mole under my ear for 20 years but over the past few months, regardless of how much I clean this newly formed crust; which started only... READ MORE

Is my mole infected? (photo)

I woke up one morning to find that I maybe have scratched my mole and maybe irritated it a bit. But over the past few days, I have noticed it has been... READ MORE

Existing mole has crusty wart-like surface

Have had a normal round raised brown mole on my arm for many years approx 6mm diameter. Recently the surface has become crusty like a scab, now has... READ MORE

Is this a normal mole? (Photos)

I'm really nervous about this mole. At times its real and crusty. Last night it opened up and hurts. Not sure what to think? READ MORE

After 20 years having a smooth mole under my ear, is the change a concern? (Photo)

I've had this mole since i was a teenager. It had never changed from just a little dark bump under my ear until a couple of months ago. Now it's a... READ MORE

Mole Removal by Laser, will it leave a hole? (Photo)

Hello, I had my Mole Removed last weekend by laser. About 3 days ago it formed a crusty like thing. Yesterday the crust seemed to be almost falling... READ MORE

Should I be worried that my moles fall off on their own? (photo)

I have several moles that are brown then go crusty then fall of then they start to grow back clear then get pink then darker then brown and that... READ MORE

Can moles crust over and peel off skin when you take vitamin d3 tablets?

Recently started taking vitamin d3 supplements. After seeing a dermatologist and advising me to take a vitamin d3 tablet regularly and noticed that... READ MORE

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