Brown Spots + Mole Removal

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Laser Removal of Small, Flat Moles

I have several small, flat moles that I would like to lighten. They are not raised at all--they are literally brown dots. I went to see a... READ MORE

Dark Spot in the Middle of my Mole Biopsy Site

I had a shave biopsy to my lower back 4 days ago! Ever since then I have had a dark brown spot in the middle of my biopsy site! What does this mean? READ MORE

Mole Removed on Face Via Shave Excision - Slight Bump and Brownish Scar Left?

I recently (3/4 weeks ago) had a mole removed on my face - it was protruding and around 0.5cm in diameter. It was tested and was benign. The mark is... READ MORE

Nevus Shaved 2 Months Ago, Will The Indentation and Brown Color Fade With Time?

In 1994, I had all of a nevus's (on face) color removed via numerous laser treatments. 2 mos. ago, I had the raised (now colorless) portion of the... READ MORE

Best Mole Removal for Small and Flat Moles on Hispanic Skin?

Hi, I'm a mid 20's hispanic female with light skin that has many small, flat, dark brown moles on my body. I would only like to remove the ones on my... READ MORE

I Would Like to Get my Mole Removed but Im Not Sure if I Should. What Kind of Scar Would It Leave? (photo)

I have a light brown mole that is on my nose and is visable...about how big of a scar will be left left behind? READ MORE

When You Remove a Mole It Supoosed to Be Gone 100%, Right?

I had mole on my back remved about 3 months ago. It healed and now I can see that tere are 3 small brown spots left over (originally it was a big... READ MORE

After Mole removal, brown spots and surrounding skin turned brown? (photo)

Hi, I got a mole removed from my face by the surgeon, He did the process twice, as after the first removal the skin where the mole was, turned... READ MORE

Does this sound like Noular Melanoma?

I had a small pinkish brown spot on my back (I get acne a lot on my back) I scratched it and it swelled up a bit went to my GP and she gave me acne... READ MORE

How can I remove FLAT moles? (photo)

My face is covered in these horrible brown spots. Because nearly all of them are 100% flat, I've been told that they're freckles, but after doing some... READ MORE

I'm 29 years old and brown spots appear on my skin with the passage of time which then turned into moles. Any suggestions?

I m 29 yearz old. brown spots appear on my skin with the passage of time which then turned into moles. i used skin lighting cream it didnt work. i ve... READ MORE

Do I have melanoma?

I am 14 and i recently got a small brown spot on the bottom of my fingernail. the cuticle is also a blackish color. it is not a bruise. i do have a... READ MORE

Tiny brown spot in flat mole shave biopsy wound. Any suggestions?

I had a flat mole (I think?) removed from the tip of my nose 1 week ago today with the shave biopsy method. The healing went quickly and I was... READ MORE

Brown spot left after laser mole removal. Plz tell best method to lighten it. (photos)

I had raised mole on upper lip. Got it lasered one n half months ago by a plastic surgeon. He told that he will do it in 2 sittings. First he will... READ MORE

I Have a Large Brown Spot with a Particular Form on my Right Foot Under the Knee. What is It?

I had this spot since I was a kid, I can't remember for how long. I'm very worried. It has 13-14 centimeters. It has many small parts of my natural... READ MORE

Will the holes on my face due to warts removal be fixed? (Photos)

I had my warts removed (cauterized method). I was told that it was normal to have holes and eventually it will heal. But it's been almost 3months and... READ MORE

Brown Spots and 1 White Spot (White Spot Surrounded by Dark Brown Skin) After Laser Mole Remval?

I had 2 laser mole removal sessions. It was almost normal when scabs fall out. But after 15-20 days, I found brown spots and 1 white spot ( white spot... READ MORE

Brown dot found on the indent of a shaved mole. (photos)

I had a mole removed via shaved excision about three weeks ago. My routines includes using Aquaphor four times a day underneath a bandaid. About one... READ MORE

My daughter (18) had 2 moles removed yesterday at dermatologist. One on back of neck, one on her right upper mid-drift section?

This morning noticed a light brown spot above above & beneath the removed mole. I was freaking out. He injected her with a numbing agent, used a... READ MORE

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