Abdomen + Mole Removal

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Painful Bump After Mole Shaved On Abdomen Over 1.5 Months Ago. Got Infected, Left a Pink Scar, Now A Painful Mass?

The mole was located on my abdomen and approximately 12 mm in diameter. Biopsy results were negative and I followed wound care instructions provided... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of red strawberry moles or hemangiomas? (Photo)

I have them all over mostly on back and abdomen. But some on arms legs even one near by pubic hair line. The older I get the more I notice . READ MORE

Skin around mole itchy and red. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got this mole removed from my abdomen about two weeks ago. I have been keeping it clean, putting neosporin on it and keeping it covered so it won't... READ MORE

Is this going to leave a massive scar? When will this infection go away? (Photo)

I had a mole removed from my abdomen 6 days ago. Its now draining fluids. I went to urgent care Saturday and was given Keflex. Is this going to leave... READ MORE

Options for Old Mole Removal Scar? (photo)

I had a mole removed from my abdomen about 6 years ago, and the scar is still very noticable, including scars from the stitches. What would you... READ MORE

Can my sutures get wet?

I had surgery to remove a questionable mole from my right abdomen. I have sutures and am not sure how to care for them. The doctor informed me how to... READ MORE

Is it possible to have pain under the area where an abdominal mole was excised, but for months after the excision?

I had an atypical nevi removed from my abdomen. I had to come back a month later for the doctor to remove more of the mole. It healed fine and months... READ MORE

best way to remove a cluster of moles on abdomen? (photos)

Hello, I was born with a cluster of moles (I've attached pictures) on my abdomen and I am wondering what is the best option to get it removed? Any... READ MORE

Can you help with my mole? (Photo)

I have a mole on my tummy which has recently started with a stabbing pain and has a ring round it. READ MORE

Is it normal for a skin colored mole to start turning brown? (photos)

I have this mole on the side of my abdomen and it's always been there but it's always been skin colored. As far as I've noticed anyway. Just last... READ MORE

My daughter (18) had 2 moles removed yesterday at dermatologist. One on back of neck, one on her right upper mid-drift section?

This morning noticed a light brown spot above above & beneath the removed mole. I was freaking out. He injected her with a numbing agent, used a... READ MORE

Scars from old moles have become red and inflamed. What is the reason?

A mole on my abdomen I have had since birth became inflamed and itchy last year. I had it removed. A scar from a mole I had removed 15+ years prior in... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from my abdomen, then an excision done after finding pre-cancerous cells. My scar is raised & hard (Photo)

After 2 months, my scar is raised in several spots and still very tender. I had a skin reaction to the stitches, but it is still uncomfortable even... READ MORE

I have a mole of my lower left abdomen that has grown and changed from tan to white/pink. Area around is red & irritated (Photo)

Dermatologist took biopsy today but won't have results until next week. Just wanted to know if I should be concerned this is cancerous. Next week... READ MORE

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