Upper Lip + Mohs Surgery

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I'm an Elementary School Teacher and Was Wondering What the Bandaging Will Look Like After Mohs Surgery?

I'm an elementary teacher and was wondering what the bandaging will look like after Mohs surgery for my SCC of my upper lip and how long should it be... READ MORE

I had upper lip MOHs surgery and reconstruction 3 days ago and I am still pretty swollen. How long for this to go down?

How long might it take for the swelling in the upper lip area take to go down? How long should I stay away from exercising? Is it okay to walk on my... READ MORE

Can I use liquid bandage over stitches on my face after Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had Mohs Surgery 2 days ago on my upper lip area. I received stitches & I was told to keep the area moist with Vaseline & covered to prevent... READ MORE

Revision After Moh's Surgery

My Moh's Surgeon has had very limited experience with revisions which is good for how great his results are and perhaps not so good for me if I... READ MORE

Advice for Infiltrating Morphoeic Basal Cell Carcinoma diagnosis? (photos)

I was recently diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma on my upper lip area. The biopsy report describes it as Morpheic type extending to the lateral &... READ MORE

After surgery, my lip has swollen to 4 or 5 times its normal size. Is this normal or should I consider ER treatment?

I had Mohs surgery on the 3rd of July just above my upper lip & the repair involved stitching in and around the lip. I was expecting some swelling but... READ MORE

I had Mohs surgery Sept. 2014, on two areas, nose and upper lip. How do I help get rid of the redness on my nose?

The upper lip looks good. The scars on my nose don't look bad, but my nose is red all the time. Is this normal and will it go away or is there... READ MORE

Will I be able to smile after scc was removed from my upper lip?

I had reconstructive surgery done one week ago after removal of scc from my upper lip. There was a triangle of muscle removed from beneath my left... READ MORE

The scar on my upper lip is hard, painful and puffy. What can be done? (Photo)

I had MOHs surgery done on my upper lip under my left nostril. It was done about 3 months ago. The scar is hard and super puffy. I am devastated. I... READ MORE

Recommendations for Central Upper Lip Reconstruction? (photos)

I had MOHS surgery Jan. 2015 just above the center of my upper lip for a basal cell carcinoma. Surgery resulted in a loss of definition in this area... READ MORE

Is it unusual to have Mohs surgery for a trichilemmoma? I could not find reference to this on Medscape.

I had a trichilemmoma removed from my upper lip with a shave biopsy. At present, the trichilemmoma is just barely visible/palpable and would not be... READ MORE

What treatment if any is advisable?

My 95 1/2 year old mother has a basal cell carcinoma above her upper lip. It is about 4 mm large, protrudes from the skin surface, and occasionally... READ MORE

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