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Face Swollen After MOHS?

I had MOHS done to basal cell that was just off of the left side nose. I have lot of stitches from upper side of nose down the natural seam to above... READ MORE

Why did the doctor give me conflicting information about how long it would take to recover before and after? (photos)

Why did everyone tell me that Mohs surgery was no big deal and I could return to work the next day? But then on the way out the door, after the... READ MORE

How long is recovery from MOHs surgery ?

I am a month and a half recovering from mohs surgery near my ankle. My foot is still swollen and there is a bit of leakage. Is this common with MOHs? READ MORE

Forehead: pain,numbing,swollen,tingling,tightening.Very painful to lower head. Hard to lift eyebrows. Sensitive to touch.(photo)

I had a basal skin cancer removed jan. 15. Done using mohs surgery. It went great. But after i healed. (See above for current symptoms) We waited a... READ MORE

I had 8 stages of Surgery for basal cell carcinoma on my scalp almost a year ago. Any suggestions?

I had 8 stages of basal cell carcinoma surgery on scalp at MOHS Worcester hospital like 200 Staples & suturing ; told me were removed. mnths ago a... READ MORE

My eye appears slanted following reconstruction of MOHs surgery, will this improve?

I had reconstruction surgery on my right temple to close a quarter size hole left from MOHs surgery. The surgeon was able to do a single line closure,... READ MORE

Why does my jaw ear and teeth hurt after I had Mohs surgery? Also, should I be worried that my lymph node is now swollen?

I had Moh's surgery last Tuesday on my lower lip. My lower jaw, ear, and teeth ache fiercely and now my lymph node is swollen but it's on the other... READ MORE

Basal cell carcinoma, skin graft swollen. 12 weeks later doc says filling with fluid faster than it flows out? (Photo)

I had a small basel cell carcinoma between my eye and nose. I had a punch biopsy which came back cancerous. Plastic surgeon removed it and covered it... READ MORE

How long should it be painful?

I had MOHS Surgery on my shin bone almost 1 year ago to the day, The surgery site still remains red, swollen and very painful. Walking long periods of... READ MORE

Is it normal to see it weeping after 72 hours of none?

I had a skin graft on m the side of my nose after Mohl surgery the previous day - has all been fine - although a little tender / swollen and bruised.... READ MORE

Had cancer in chin area on left side still swollen? (Photos)

Had mohs surgery then plastic surgeon closed it. Swelling never went down and i lost my smile according to him nothing could be done he called it a... READ MORE

I recently had a lesion removed on my forehead due to basal cell cancer. This was three days ago.

Today I woke up and my left eyes is almost swollen over and my forhead is still frozen... is this normal. READ MORE

Basal cell removed 2 yrs ago from top of scalp. Can swollen axilla lymph node be related?

Last year I was sent for ultrasound of breast/axilla cause armpit felt swollen and sore and it said 4mm swollen lymph node. Nothing was done. This... READ MORE

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