Scab + Mohs Surgery

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Will my Hair Grow Back After my Scalp Scabs Fall Off?

After having Mohs surgery on my scalp for basal cell skin cancer, I had a flap done in one area. I have several scabs on my head and when they come... READ MORE

How Do I Take Care of Staples on Scalp from Mohs Surgery? (photo)

I had a mohs performed 4 days ago and it seems I'm forming large scabs. This worries me for when I have the 11 staples removed in one week. What's the... READ MORE

Large scab 7 weeks post-MOHS - should I put Vaseline on it or just not worry?

MOHS for bcc on forehead Nov. 7. After stitches removed two weeks post-op, a large scab remained in center of area; this scab is still just as large... READ MORE

Nose graft, should it scab? (photo)

I am two weeks post op after a skin graft on my nose following surgical excision of a bcc. The graft is starting to scab and I'm wondering if this is... READ MORE

Scalp, Infilitrating BCC - Should I See my Doctor Again?

I had a VERY large infiltrating BCC removed from my scalp (Mohs/secondary intention) 1 year ago. While the wound is not open, every 4-6 weeks, very... READ MORE

Should I let the scab remain on part of my scalp from basal cell removal surgery?

I am confused, I was told to keep the scabs from forming after Mohls surgery on my scalp. Now the doctor told me to let the part of the wound that is... READ MORE

After scab has already formed, use Aquaphor?

After finger surgery, I was told to keep dry, now scab has formed. READ MORE

Skin graft 3 1/2 weeks post-MOHS, looks like big scab.

I had BCC removed by MOHS with inner ear graft. Kept wound moist and cleansed 2x daily. On suture removal, there was some central necrosis, but the... READ MORE

Is it harmful to ingest a scab from a healing basal cell surgery site?

Am I ingesting cancer cells? Will these cancer cells spread inside my digestive system? READ MORE

Had Mos Surgery For Skin Cancer, Scab Has Fallen Off, Will Divet Fill In Over Time?

Had mos surgery for basil cell and squmos skin cancer, scab has fallen off, will divet fill in over time? READ MORE

MOHs wound on shoulder not healing. What's the best way to help it improve?

May 6 I had MOHs surgery on my shoulder, going down two layers to get it all. Due to the location, straps, sleeve seams rub right on the wound. I'm in... READ MORE

MOHs with skin graft inner ear removal of cartilage healing concerns? (photos)

. MOHs with skin graft inner ear removal of cartilage my husband bandage feel off and while replacing the graft stayed in place but the top looks dead... READ MORE

After MOHS healing process! Is this what it should look like or should I be concerned?

I had mohs surgery on Jan 30, 2015 on my scalp. Had stitches removes 10 days after and they told me I could stop using Vaseline. I took this picture... READ MORE

Scar healing process after MOHS? (Photo0

Had MOHS procedure on Jan 31,2015 for basal cell carcinoma on top of scalp. Had inner and outer stitches for closure. 10 days after the surgery I had... READ MORE

Healing following Moh's surgery. Is such a long healing period normal? Thank you.

I had Moh's surgery on the upper portion of my ear about 6 weeks. Stitches were removed after 3 weeks. Could not remove all the stitches due to scab... READ MORE

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