Is it harmful to ingest a scab from a healing basal cell surgery site?

Am I ingesting cancer cells? Will these cancer cells spread inside my digestive system?

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Eating scabs

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This is a unique question but you can rest assured that ingesting the scab will not risk your health in terms of cancer spread. That being said, I don't recommend ingesting a scab. And as already stated a scab should not be there...all dried blood and debris should be gently removed daily as keeping the wound clean will promote better scar formation.

Basal Cell Surgery Scabs

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It is not recommended that you injest scabs. The wound should be allowed to heal naturally, and if accidental ingestion does occur, it would pass through the digestive system and out of your body the next time you relieve yourself.

Is it harmful to ingest a scab from a healing basal cell surgery site

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This is a bit of an odd question. However, the purpose of Mohs or surgical procedures is to leave the area without any further cancer there. Thus, there should not be any cancer left behind. However, it's advisable not to let surgical sites scab because this leads to worse scarring and divets.

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