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Large scab 7 weeks post-MOHS - should I put Vaseline on it or just not worry?

MOHS for bcc on forehead Nov. 7. After stitches removed two weeks post-op, a large scab remained in center of area; this scab is still just as large... READ MORE

Could it be a stitch that has not dissolved? When will it go away? If so, is there anything I can do to help it dissolve?

I had mohs surgery done about six weeks ago. The wound seems to be seeming fine, but a little below the wound, I have a small lump that doesn't want... READ MORE

Nose scar revision after mohs? (Photo)

7 week old scar on nose after mohs surgery. I had botched stitches and now I have a large, round, depressed scar. I have been using scar gel on it for... READ MORE

Would you advise keeping my nose bandaged, open to air or a combination of the two? (Photo)

My MOHs surgery was 6 weeks ago, and I am letting it heal on its own. I have been keeping it covered at night, when I go out (or part of the day) and... READ MORE

I Had Steroid Injection into my Nose to Help with Pincushioning of Mohs Bilobed Flap. Now my Nostril Flat is Worse Than Before

I had injection. Is this common? I had my Mohs surgery 6 weeks ago. I have been told it will get better but I am worried this injection made it worse. READ MORE

My Neck Seems to Sag on Side Where I Had Mohs on my Nose 6 Weeks Ago. Is This Common?

My Neck Seems to Sag on Side Where I Had Mohs on my Nose 6 Weeks Ago. Is This Common? READ MORE

Had Moh's surgery on tip of nose and unhappy about nostrils? (Photo)

Had Mohl's surgery 6 weeks ago. Freaking out about one nostril wider and upward. What can I do? Going back to doctor in one month. READ MORE

My MOHS surgery for a BCC on my nose done 6 weeks ago troubles me.

The surgeon made the first and only pass about the size of a penny! The biopsy of that tissue came back clear. I asked the surgeon yesterday why she... READ MORE

I am 5 weeks post op, bcc, my defect healing was secondary intention. What can be done? (photo)

I am almost 69 years old and do not want a melolabial flap. Or a local bilobed flap. What can be done for a the flesh colored circle (scar) so it... READ MORE

Mohs surgery 6 weeks ago my scalp for squamous cell carcinoma. Healed but it left a raised scar. Is it back?

I feel like the scar left after the mohs surgery should have been flat and or indented but not raised. I am concerned the squamous cell carcinoma is... READ MORE

Healing following Moh's surgery. Is such a long healing period normal? Thank you.

I had Moh's surgery on the upper portion of my ear about 6 weeks. Stitches were removed after 3 weeks. Could not remove all the stitches due to scab... READ MORE

Oozing six weeks after Moh's surgery on nose and skin graft?

I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion. The last week of July I had moh's surgery for basal cell on my nose. At the time, they also did a skin... READ MORE

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