I Had Steroid Injection into my Nose to Help with Pincushioning of Mohs Bilobed Flap. Now my Nostril Flat is Worse Than Before

I had injection. Is this common? I had my Mohs surgery 6 weeks ago. I have been told it will get better but I am worried this injection made it worse.

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6 weeks after bilobe falp

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It is not uncommon for bilobed flaps to result in nostril asymmetry.  Wait at least 3 months and if still present you may need a revision.

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I would wait more time.

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There is still a lot of remodeling going on when you are just 6 weeks post-op.  This may improve as time goes on.  Do you have a picture of your repair?  It would be pretty rare for intralesional kenalog to make things worse in regards to pincushioning.  Now if it was done too aggressively, you may have some atrophy (depression) at the site.

Brent Spencer, MD
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