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Improving Marionette Lines with Lower Facelift?

How much improvement can I expect from a Lower facelift with fairly significant marionette lines? When I hold my face where approximately I think it... READ MORE

Young Patient with Deep Marionette Lines with No Other Wrinkles

I am 45 years old with pronounced marionette lines but with virtually no other wrinkles. I am substantially over-weight and have a thick neck and... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for marionette lines?

I am 45, and a few years ago I noticed marionette lines and now they are getting more noticeable. I have had Artefill injected a few years ago and... READ MORE

Would a Lower Lift Help with Sagging in the Marionette Area?

Due to 30lb weight loss I have sagging in the marionette line area. Its not too bad but it bothers me that I look sad. I talked to a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Does a lower facelift stretch the mouth out from side to side?

I am 45. I have marionette lines that filler did not help much and I am starting to get jowls. I am going to get a lower facelift, but I have concerns... READ MORE

Does a lower facelift change the natural smile and dimples? Does it fix marionette lines?

I am 45. I am trying to decide on what procedure I will be having for jowls, marionette lines and loose skin on my neck, under the chin. I would like... READ MORE

Could I Have Short Incision in Front the Ear Vs. Inside the Ear Incision? (photo)

I want to know what is a better solution to reduce jowls, marionette and nasolabial folds - for minimal scarring: Short incision IN FRONT of the year... READ MORE

Am I Stuck with This Crease? (photo)

Lower facelift with fat injections in June 2012. Marionette lines still visible on right side of face, doctor did revision, resulting in deep crease... READ MORE

Options to reduce Nasolabial and Marionette folds creating appearance of jowls in twenties? (Photo)

I have extremely pronounced nasolabial folds and marionette lines that create a downward pull of my face and give me the appearance of Jowls. I am in... READ MORE

Marionette lines, what is best option? Approximate cost? Doctor recommending a lower facelift? (Photo)

Marionette lines are developing on my face. They became noticeable about 3 years ago. I've been getting regular botox on the 11's for 7 years and... READ MORE

Would a lower face lift help with the jowls and marionette lines? (Photo)

I would like to a procedure that would help the jowels and marriott lines. I would like something that's for aggressive than fillets READ MORE

Sagging face at 24. Jowls and marionette/nasolabial lines. What can I do? (Photos)

I feel my face has been starting to sag about a year ago. I used to have a very defined and pretty jow line, but now my cheeks are starting to sag.... READ MORE

Marionette lines/grooves. How are they best treated? (Photo)

When I pull the skin at the sides of my lower face the lines disappear without moving or distorting my face at all, does this indicate a mini lower... READ MORE

I had a lower facelift and necklift just 4 months ago and I am not happy with the results. Is there any recourse that I have?

I paid 18,500 for a lower facelift and necklift and I am very unhappy with the results from my lowerfacelift. The marionette lines that I had before... READ MORE

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