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How Much Does Lipolite Cost?

Approximately, how much does LipoLite cost per area, specifically in upper arms? READ MORE

Is Laser or Vaser Lipo Better for the Upper Arms?

I am 50 years old and am considering lipo of my upper arms. I am not over weight at all but have never thought my arms are in proportion to my petite... READ MORE

What Kind of Lipo Can I Get for Flabby, Large Upper Arms? (photo)

I really feel my arms aren't right for my body size and shape due to poor genetics. I've heard of vaser lipo. Is that effective for large, flabby... READ MORE

Marijuana use after liposuction?

About a week ago I had Lipo done on my abdomen, thighs and upper arms. My doctor told me not to smoke cigarettes after surgery as the nicotine will... READ MORE

I had severely aggressive full body liposuction, and do not look any different after 10 months. How is this possible? (Photo)

10 full months after having had severely aggressive full body liposuction, I do not look, feel or weigh any different than I did prior to the surgery.... READ MORE

Upper Arm Lipo 3 1/2 Weeks Ago. Still Have Strong Burning, Pain and Skin Soreness

Is this normal and will it go away? After how long? I also have limited mobility and my arms look 'ropey' when i raise them. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Swollen and Numb After Laser Lipo

This is my 3rd time having laser lipo done on my waist and upper arms. The diff is, in the past, i did incured a great amount of pain but this time, i... READ MORE

Liposuction on Upper Arms 1 Week Ago- Swelling and Fluid Make Compression Garment Uncomfortable, Is This Ok?

Almost one week ago, I had liposuction done on my upper arms. My arms are too swollen and filled with fluid to apply the compression garment....what... READ MORE

Upper Arm Liposuction a Month Ago-- Should I Be Concerned by Lumps/stiffness/pain/discoloration?

I had liposuction on my upper arms a month ago. I'm 40, not overweight, good skin tightness. Went to a respected area plastic surgeon and am happy... READ MORE

Does lipo cavitation work for upper arms?

I have previously had a gastric sleeve and lost 100 lb. While I had an overall fat reduction, my arms lost almost no fat. This has left my body... READ MORE

Thoughts on Body FX? (Photo)

I went to a consult today and asked about my arm problem. The doctor and staff feels it could greatly improve the appearance of crepy loose skin on my... READ MORE

Is it possible to have lipo on my shoulders and upper arms?

Is it possible to lipo shoulders and outer - upper arms. I am typically V shaped and the my shoulders width is 46in compared to my hips at 39/40in.... READ MORE

Liposuction/Micro Suction on Arms? (photo)

Dear Doctors. I want to have some fat removed from my lower upper arm (around the inner elbow) so that the bone sticks out more. I have attached a... READ MORE

I Am Considering Cryogenic Lipolysis on my Upper Arms, Is There A Minimum Amount of Fat Required?

I want to know if there is a minimum level of fat for a doctor to carry out this procedure, or can it work on relatively small areas. My arms are... READ MORE

I Had Liposuction to my Upper Arm Long Time Ago Now I Have Hollow Spots Look Deform Help

Had liposuction to upper arms years ago that left some hollow spot and uneveness need help READ MORE

Will the Unevenness in my Arms After Liposuction Go Away?

It's been 11 days since but I've been wearing a compression outfit that covers my entire upper arm and shoulders area for 7 days (before I had worn... READ MORE

Can I Have Aditional Lipo on Other Areas 2 Days After a Bbl?

I'm due to have a BBL in june and have my stomach, flanks/lower back lipoed to get the fat, my dr said he can only take out 5000ccs at a time, id also... READ MORE

Which procedure provides better results? (photo)

I am looking to get liposuction on my upper arms and I was wondering which procedure will deliver better results…liposuction or smart lipo? I am w... READ MORE

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