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Liposuction Recovery Using Compression Garments or Spanx?

Can I use Spanx instead regular compression garments during my recovery from liposuction? READ MORE

How Does a Compression Garment Help After Liposuction Surgery? (photo)

There a lots of references in the stories posted on Real Self about compression garments post-op. Don't really understand how a compression garment... READ MORE

What is the Best Underwear After Full Tt with Lipo and Flanks? Thank You

I am 3 days after full tt with lipo and flunks area. I know I'll need a special garment for 4-6 weeks. Where can I get one, and what is your... READ MORE

How long should i wear a compression binder after Liposuction?

I had a combination of ultrasonic & power assisted liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. My doctor asked me to wear the compression binder for 4 weeks... READ MORE

Recommended Brand of Compression Garment?

Do you think Spanx or even an UnderArmor compression tank top provides enough compression? Do you recommend a brand/style for my particular area of need? READ MORE

Is my compression garment too tight? Can I just wear spanks? (Photo)

The garmet I was provided is too tight on my sides and press againsty ribs. It hurts more than my Lipo. I'm only on day 3 post op. Is it too soon to... READ MORE

How Can I Improve Bulges on Upper Thighs Where Compression Garment Won't Cover Thighs After Lipo?

I had lipo of the medial/lateral thighs. My results are fabulous other than bulges on both upper medial thighs in the region the compression garment... READ MORE

Infrared sauna and spanx following liposuction. Will this help to reduce the swelling and improve skin tone?

26 year old male having lipo to the chest, abdomen (mainly upper), and flanks/love handles. Wondering if the use of an infrared sauna (I have my own... READ MORE

I'm swelling of pubic mound after liposuction. When should I expect for all the swelling to go away? (photos)

I am one week post-op of liposuction of my pubic mound. My surgeon said no compression, and I complained about the swelling so he said for me to use... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Switch to Less Compressive Spanx, 4 Weeks After Liposuction?

I had about 1200cc removed 4 weeks and 2 days ago via traditional liposuction of whole abdomen, and flanks. I wasn't put under general anesthesia.... READ MORE

Compressed garment: how long do you have to wear it?

I am 13 days post lipo. I got lipo done on my arms, back and flanks. I wore the compressed garment 5 days after my lipo. Since I was itchy all over... READ MORE

Lost 146 lbs: Torso looks anorexic but legs look giant with huge saddle bags - Why will Blue Cross pay for a BR but not this?

Surgen's I have consulted & my primary doc have said there is nothing else I can do with diet and exercise. It is not just asthetic, I have to wear... READ MORE

Can I stop wearing my compression garment/sponge padding and switch to a spanx-like garment?

I am 5 days post op lipo on stomach/flanks/waist have had no real complaints/pains. However, I notice when I take off my compression to do massage, my... READ MORE

When I go to the gym can I exercise with out the binder or a spanx?

I had abdominal, waste, hip and back lipo about 16 days ago. I want to get back to the gym. Do I have to wear support? I tried and it was very... READ MORE

When can I wear a compression garment/spanx again?

Hello, it's been roughly five months since my procedure. My Dr. told me that I must stop wearing the compression garment. He says wearing it for to... READ MORE

Stomach looks a mess after lipo is this normal? (photos)

I still have a roll of hard skin under my breasts and on my abdomen. My abdomen has also no necked lumpy and wavy. Should I be concerned at this point... READ MORE

5 days post op, I'm wearing compression device. Are spanx ok?

I am 5 days post lipo of the flanks and upper back and lower abdomen. I am in a lot of pain and trying my best to wear my compression device. I was... READ MORE

I'm still hard and swollen legs especially around knees 4 weeks post op Liposuction. Can I wear spanx garment?

Hi I'm nearly five weeks post liposuction on legs knee upwards. I had 3 and a half litres removed.. my compression garment is too big and... READ MORE

Liposuction about 5 weeks ago. How often should I be wearing a binder or spanx?

How often should I be wearing a binder or spanx after abdiminal lipo READ MORE

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