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Do I Need Upper Body Lipo?

Hi! I am 20 years old, 5'4 and 124 lbs. I feel my body is disproportioned since I have broad shoulders, big arms, big bust but skinny legs,... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Liposuction on upper body and Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I have updated this Question with pictures. Is it possible to lipo shoulders and outer - upper arms. I am typically V shaped and the my shoulders... READ MORE

​What can I do for my thick humpy neck and manly shoulders?

I feel like my neck is too thick and manly for my body, I want it to look taller and thinner. I also have manly shoulders, surgery to shave down the... READ MORE

Air Bubble Forming in Shoulder Area After Liposuction

1st was PO 3wks lipo/breasts, an air bubble in the crick of neck/shoulder area. It went down in 24 hours. 9 yrs later, 3wks PO lipo/scar removal on... READ MORE

Petite Girl with Troubled Arms (Shoulder is Problem Area)?

I'm by no means overweight, for my BMI is <20. However, I have really fat arms which I already had liposuction done. Even though it helped, the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have lipo on my shoulders and upper arms?

Is it possible to lipo shoulders and outer - upper arms. I am typically V shaped and the my shoulders width is 46in compared to my hips at 39/40in.... READ MORE

Should I get liposuction (arms, tummy, back, shoulders), a TT, or some other type of weight loss/body shaping procedure? (Photo)

I am 18, 5'4 and my weight is between 180-190. I've tried to diet and exercise but my self control is not very good and even when I try my hardest I... READ MORE

Liposuction on my arm? (Photo)

I have always had a little of big arms , I always wanted slimer arms thiner and people always think i work out on my arms which i dont because most of... READ MORE

Lipo with a bullet in my back?

L have a bullet in my back,will it come out with lipo and also 2 small tears in my upper shoulder and l am scheduled to have under arm lipo done or... READ MORE

Will Liposuction interfere with my pinched nerve?

I have a pinched nerve in my left upper shoulder that is recovering. When I lay or sleep on my left shoulder I get the tingle feeling in my arm. It's... READ MORE

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