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Do I Need Upper Body Lipo?

Hi! I am 20 years old, 5'4 and 124 lbs. I feel my body is disproportioned since I have broad shoulders, big arms, big bust but skinny legs,... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Liposuction on upper body and Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I have updated this Question with pictures. Is it possible to lipo shoulders and outer - upper arms. I am typically V shaped and the my shoulders... READ MORE

​What can I do for my thick humpy neck and manly shoulders?

I feel like my neck is too thick and manly for my body, I want it to look taller and thinner. I also have manly shoulders, surgery to shave down the... READ MORE

Petite Girl with Troubled Arms (Shoulder is Problem Area)?

I'm by no means overweight, for my BMI is <20. However, I have really fat arms which I already had liposuction done. Even though it helped, the... READ MORE

Air Bubble Forming in Shoulder Area After Liposuction

1st was PO 3wks lipo/breasts, an air bubble in the crick of neck/shoulder area. It went down in 24 hours. 9 yrs later, 3wks PO lipo/scar removal on... READ MORE

Is it possible to have lipo on my shoulders and upper arms?

Is it possible to lipo shoulders and outer - upper arms. I am typically V shaped and the my shoulders width is 46in compared to my hips at 39/40in.... READ MORE

Surgery to reduce trapezoid muscles? (photos)

So, I guess I wasn't clear with my last question. I have large trapezoid muscles (between my shoulders and neck) and they've been like this all my... READ MORE

Should I get liposuction (arms, tummy, back, shoulders), a TT, or some other type of weight loss/body shaping procedure? (Photo)

I am 18, 5'4 and my weight is between 180-190. I've tried to diet and exercise but my self control is not very good and even when I try my hardest I... READ MORE

Liposuction on my arm? (Photo)

I have always had a little of big arms , I always wanted slimer arms thiner and people always think i work out on my arms which i dont because most of... READ MORE

I have a sort of buffalo hump between my shoulders just below the base of my neck. Can this be removed with liposuction? (photo)

I do not have cushings, I believe I inherited this from my mother because she has a hump that's the exact same shape and in the exact same location.... READ MORE

Will Liposuction interfere with my pinched nerve?

I have a pinched nerve in my left upper shoulder that is recovering. When I lay or sleep on my left shoulder I get the tingle feeling in my arm. It's... READ MORE

Lipo with a bullet in my back?

L have a bullet in my back,will it come out with lipo and also 2 small tears in my upper shoulder and l am scheduled to have under arm lipo done or... READ MORE

I have a hump between my shoulders below the base of my neck. Is this a fat deposit? Can lipo remove it?

It's not very large but it is noticeable. I don't have Cushings. I think I inherited it from my mother because she has a similar hump. What can be... READ MORE

Will Lipo help in shrinking the size of my arms and shoulders? (photo)

I have large upper arms and shoulders lots of flab. I'm transitioning m2f, and I would like a smaller upper body. I'm not rich but I would like to... READ MORE

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