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Can I Drain a Seroma Myself?

I think I might have a seroma because there's a fluid pocket in one of the areas I had lipo on.  Do I have to go to the doctor, or can I just... READ MORE

Pain, Fluid Pockets Normal Months After Liposuction?

I'm two months post-op liposuction on upper/lower abs, flanks, saddle bags, banana roll....when I exercise and do any kind of jumping motion, it feels... READ MORE

Was Told Seroma After Liposuction Will Take a Year to Reabsorbing, Should it be Aspirated?

1 week ago I received liposuction of the inner thigh and knees. This is my second time around as I had the procedure done 7 years ago. New doctor said... READ MORE

How Long Can Bruises, Seromas and Lumps After Liposuction Last?

I had liposuction 7 weeks ago and I still have some light bruising on the lower back, abdomen and sides. How long can it take for the bruising to go... READ MORE

Are Blood Clots and Seroma Common Liposuction Complications?

How common are blood clots and seroma after liposuction? How often do I need to move and get up and walk after my surgery to prevent blood clots? I... READ MORE

My Seroma on Lower Back is Getting Larger, Hardening and the Area Has Started Bruising? (photo)

I developed a seroma on lower back and had it drained twice. I rolled entire area with rolling pin to smooth out lumps, and next day it started... READ MORE

Will Seroma Go Away Without Surgery?

I underwent liposuction about 11 days ago... Once drainages were taken out I started to develop a seroma on one side of my abdomen... So far I've been... READ MORE

Bloated Final Result from Liposuction?

Two weeks ago, my plastic surgeon removed 300cc of fluid and I was very flat. Today, on my 4th week after Liposuction, I returned to my surgeon to see... READ MORE

Fluid Pocket 2 Weeks Post Liposuction

I had lipo on my outer thighs done 16 days ago and I have a noticeable pocket of fluid that is tender to the touch and warm. I am seeing that seromas... READ MORE

How would I treat a Seroma that has turned into scar tissue on my abdomen? (photo)

I'm just about 6 wks po and have developed a seroma almost immediately after the drains were removed. The fluid was drained daily for about three... READ MORE

2 months post op arm Liposuction, I don't see any result and my arm is still big. Any suggestions? (photos)

2 months post op. I have seroma, my arms look bigger than before i had my lipo. Doctor said he took out a lot of fat. My upper arms still numb. When... READ MORE

3 Liposuctions to Abdomen with Little Results, Now May Have Developed Scar Tissue and Seroma? (photo)

In 7 yrs, have done 3 lipo procedures to abdomen, (last one 1 year ago), still not satisfied with results. Obtained consultation from various plastic... READ MORE

Seroma or Hemotoma-should It Be Drained? (photo)

So I went to doctor with the advice from doctors on here. My GP said it was infected, put me on Cephalexin 500mg- 4 times a day, and told me to go see... READ MORE

How Rare Are Hematomas and Seromas from Abdominal/flank Liposuction Alone?

I went to an extremely reputable doctor with vast liposuction experience, yet had both these complications after abdominal lipo of 1 ltr. The dr.... READ MORE

How Long Will Seroma Last After Inner Thigh Liposuction?

I had inner thigh lipo now I have a seroma how long will it last? READ MORE

How Long Knee Recovery After Seroma?

I had a knee liposuction 6 weeks ago i had seroma has been drained still have swelling & hard area not able to bend my knee READ MORE

Why can't my doctor drain my seroma with a syringe? (photos)

I went to my doc about my seroma while in her office after I had a ct at the hospital she looked and felt several very large seroma. She tried to... READ MORE

Can a patient safely get lipo if they have an ovarian cyst? (Photo)

Hi, I had lipo, tt, and bl approximately 10 months ago. Unfortunately I developed a seroma and a hematoma. I had them both drained in august 2014.... READ MORE

What if You Have Seromas from Ultrasonic Lipo, and You Have Stiches?

I'm now 3 months post op. I had ultrasonic lipo of the abodomen, flanks, arms and chin. I had stitches and I believe there is still seromas, when... READ MORE

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