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Does Radio Frequency Treatment Need Combined with Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation for it to Work?

I was told that lipo cavitation only works if combined with the Radio frequency treatment,is it true or can you just have either one/ Which is better... READ MORE

Radio Frequency After Liposuction for Skin Tightening?

Hello, I lost 100 lbs and ended up with sagging skin. I underwent liposuction procedures on arms and inner thighs but I still have sagging skin. All I... READ MORE

Can a personal radio frequency device be beneficial after liposuction?

I had liposuction 17 days ago. Previous to my procedure i purchased a small, personal radio frequency device. I used it a little and did notice... READ MORE

Lipo Cavitation/Lipo Laser - Fibroids/Triglycerides/Liver?

Help with these questions: 1) Difference btwn lipolaser and cavitation / radiofrequency 2) Do they promote cell formation? my uterine fibroids grew... READ MORE

Is radio frequency therapy suitable for treating a lumpy belly after lipo?

Hi, is Radio frequency therapy will help to get smooth belly skin after lipo? I think these lumpy is from scar tissue.and when i take photo, it's... READ MORE

Abdominal Liposuction with the INVASIX Radiofrequency-assisted Method?

I had abdominal liposuction with the INVASIX radiofrequency method. After the surgery I was instructed to wear a girdle. The problem is the girdle was... READ MORE

How Much Does a Patient See Bruising/Swelling Worry Around Radiofrequency Skin Tightening with Liposuction of the Neck?

I am in my mid fifties and had a facelift about 5 years ago. My doctor says he sees sagging around the neck area (not too pronounced though) and... READ MORE

Does Radio Frequency After Liposuction helps for Skin Tightening?

I'm 30 years old just had abdominal liposuction a week ago. My surgeon suggested RF therapy for the loose skin although I wear my garment 24/7! I had... READ MORE

What is the best cavitation device?

What is the best cavitation device? Ultrasound, radio frequency or other & why? What to look for before doing this. I want to do my homework. I am not... READ MORE

Is the Use of Quadplex Machine for Fat Reduction Safe and FDA Approved?

Clinics in Singapore are offering Quadplex machine for fat reduction and positioning it as better than RF technique. Is this true? Is it safe? READ MORE

How soon after liposuction/BBL can one start having radiofrequency sessions?

Is radiofrequency recommended along with the massages during recovery? Does radiofrequency extend the hardening phase? READ MORE

8 Months post abdominal liposuction. Want to know what can be done to fix appearance of abdominal/navel area. (photo)

I am a 31 year old female who had two pregnancies. Had abdominal liposuction performed 8 months ago. Never have been overweight (underweight majority... READ MORE

Radiofrequency treatment below jaw has left skin tense and thick. Is this normal?

I had a radiofrequency treatment below my jaw along with liposuction. It is now 2 weeks after the procedure, and the skin underneath my chin is numb... READ MORE

Does lipokit fat transfer use laser or radiofrequency energy?

How is the fat harvested during lipokit fat transfer? I've heard that laser or radiofrequency liposuction can damage the fat. Is lipokit more gentle... READ MORE

Had Lipo 5 months ago, had plenty of fibrosis, still lumpy, what can I do? (photo)

I had a liposuction 5 months ago, at the beginning I had plenty of fibrosis, now I had less but still plenty, I tried massages, radiofrecuency,... READ MORE

Ultrasonic after an hernia operation?

I had a successful triple hernia operation done six months ago and the doctor put a mesh I have three very small scars . Can I get 40 K Ultrasonic... READ MORE

Lumps and swelling because of fibrosis after liposuction (Photo)

A year and half ago I had a face liposuction and later I had RF treatment (accent ultra). Lumps and swelling appears in my cheeks which the doctor... READ MORE

Will Radio Frequency destroy my face?

I have just finished a 6 session course of radio frequency on my face using the lipofirm plus, and wish I had found realself befire as I probably... READ MORE

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