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How Long Does Recovery from Liposuction Take?

Hips, thighs, back of kneas, waist/lovehandles, and stomach area i weigh 150, and am 5'4" tall and am 23 yrs old READ MORE

Knee Liposuction Results

Hello, i have weird fat flabs on my knees, i made a picture with how they are and how i want them to be (by pushing the fat out of the way with my... READ MORE

Is There a Minimum Weight for Liposuction

I want to lipo the stubborn areas on my legs (saddlebags, knees, area just above knee or lower quad area) that I can't seem to get rid of through... READ MORE

Swelling in Feet After Liposuction

I had Liposuction 2 weeks ago and had 2.5 liters of fat removed from my knees, thighs, stomach and back and am experiencing severe bloating. I wanted... READ MORE

Liposuction for the Knees

I am 47 years old, and the shortest shorts or skirts I wear are just above the knee. My knees are chubby, and I wonder if liposuction could improve... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Lipo on Top of the Knee and Have a Deep Scar Removed at Same Time?

I have fat knees and regardless of how much I workout, they remain fatty. They actually have fatty tissue that you can grab with your fingers on top... READ MORE

Is the lump in the back of your knees, fat or fluid? If it is fat, can it be lipo'ed?

Hi, I have 2 lumps in the back of my knees, that I have been told were pockets of fluid called "baker's cysts". However, after being put on diuretics... READ MORE

Swelling 1 Month After Lipo

Lipo One Month Ago on Flanks, Lower Abs and Outer Thighs Done. My Inner Thighs and Inner Knees Are Swollen. Normal? I month post lipo. Exercising... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Have Liposuction Done to the Fat Around the Knee Caps? (Photo)

I am 28, female, 125lbs, 5'7. I have very stubborn fat in my knees (above knee cap and on one side) and thighs. My figure is very unbalanced. I... READ MORE

Does Swelling on Knees After Liposuction Last Longer Than Other Areas?

Hi i had liposuction on my knees and inner and outer thighs a week ago. does it take longer for swelling to go down on knees as they look bigger than... READ MORE

What are the Symptoms of an Infection?

I wear my compression garment daily and had lipo on my thighs and knees. How would I be able to tell if I had an infection? What would cause an... READ MORE

What procedure can remove fat around the knee area? (photo)

I have very fat knee area in the inside and I can't wear short skirt or skinny jeans. This is killing me all my life. I need to do something to get... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op Liposuction to Thighs and Knees, Is it Normal How Tight it Feels When Walking?

I had lipsocution to my inner thighs and knees 3 weeks ago (I know it's not so long ago) and most pain and bruising has gone. But I have noticed... READ MORE

Revisions and Erythema Ab Liporaspiration After Liposuction

I'm 2 wks post-op to lipo on u/l abs, i/o thighs, hips & knees, & breast lift w/ aug. I have lumps & rippling in my abs & hard... READ MORE

Will Lipo Garment Seam Creasing Cause Permanent Lines?

I am 10 days post op from thigh/knee lipo,my doctor has me in a heavy duty spanx like compression garment,for my second stage garment. The inner seam... READ MORE

Airbrush liposuction costs?

I am 5'4 and 102lbs. I am unhappy with my tighs and hip/flank area. I went for a consultation for airbrush laser and I was told I should do... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Be Done on the Knees?

I am a physically active and trim woman in my mid-twenties. I have the body type that always has a small waist and flat tummy, but carries fat in the... READ MORE

Should I Get Lipo to Inner, Outer, Front Thigh, Hips, Inner Knee? (photo)

I have large hips and fat deeply considering liposuction of my legs...what would you recommen based on my body?I have a pear shape so no... READ MORE

On How Many Body Parts Should I Take Lipo to Be Safe?

1)I would like to get lipo on my ankles, calves, Knees and inner thigh on the same day, is it safe to do that. 2)I was a swimmer(active in all my... READ MORE

Cavi Lipo. So Many Different Opinions out There. Is It Permanent?

I have fat pockets around my inner knees after ACL sx., lower quad, and inner thigh asymmetry due to atrophy and harvesting of my hamstring. 136... READ MORE

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